13 November 2009

These are the days

Parenting is hard.
Parenting is really hard.

There are some days that I honestly don't even think about anything else. Those days when it's all I can do to keep from pulling all the hair out of my head while simultaneously banging my head against the wall and cleaning up toys with my hands and feet. Yes, hand AND feet. Because children, or maybe just MY children can't just play with one toy at a time. Nope. They have to dump over the entire bin of cars. Or the entire bin of leggos. Or the entire bin of kitchen toys. Or the entire bin of Leap Frog toys. Or the entire bin of catch all toys. Or all the bins at the same time. Yes, my kids can multi-dump thru walls and all.


Parenting is hard.

And then you have those days when the whining makes you want to crack you head open with the play hammer and pull out your brain so that you can't register the noise. Not to mention the screaming and ever present "NO!"

And while screaming their little hands are busy pushing, kicking, and hitting each other because that's what civilized brothers do now-a-days. Not to be confused with wrestling or horse-play though because there's a very fine line between grabbing your brother around the neck and throwing him to the ground in a maneuver to which there is some fancy name and grabbing your brother around the neck and throwing him to the ground in a maneuver known as "don't touch my toys."


Parenting is hard.

While all these events are happening you also have to think about their brain development. Are we doing everything you can to ensure the best set-up for their academic future? Are you preparing them enough for all that this educational world has to offer? Is that delayed speech going to hinder him? Is that knowledge of tools really going to help? Should you read more books to them? Should you make more time for _______?

And all these thoughts somehow go to imagining their future. Are they going to grow up to be scientists? A President? A mechanic? A world traveler? A bomber? An educated person that snaps one day and causes major pain and heartache?

Because you know that all those people had families in some capacity. And I'm sure that their mother only wanted what was best for them. Is that enough?

Parenting is hard.

But then you have those moments when they stop everything just to say I love you. Or give you a hug. Or tell you that you're their favorite four-year-old.

Parenting is so worth it.

"There is no experience like having children. That's all. There is no substitute for it." --Tuesdays with Morrie


Brianna Kay said...

Beutifully put Clarissa and even though I don't have TWO and I don't have any BOYS yet -- I understand almost exactly how you feel. What an amazing job you are doing as a woman and mother of the Lord! They are oh so blessed to have you :-) I pray you have extra special hugs and confirmations of the joy of motherhood today! ~love ya!