19 October 2012


life rearranged

Have you notice a theme lately?
I've only been posting Insta-Friday posts.
Life; it totally gets in the way of blogging.

Stuart made his first ever brisket. And it was yummy.

The boys had a dental check-up on Monday.
This would be Tyson's chompers.

Later that night, Tucker lost tooth #3. (he looks adorable with that tooth gone)

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and spent 2.5 hours (and a RIDICULOUS amount of money) at the dentist today. So.Much.Fun.

Apparently this week was all about teeth.
But you want in on a little secret?
we leave for our cruise in TWO days!!!!
Happy Friday!

12 October 2012


life rearranged

How is it that I only took two pictures this week?
Either way, it's Friday.

We've had several wasps nests this year and Stu's method of killing them is to hold a bucket of gasoline up to the nest. The wasps fall in and die from the fumes and then he can knock the nests down. This was just from one nest. EEEK!

Tucker had to get new jeans. Size 8 y'all, size EIGHT.

Happy Friday!

05 October 2012


life rearranged

So this week totally got away from me.
So much so that I forgot that the kids don't have school on Monday.

Either way, here's my week in insta-photos.

Enjoying the wonderful weather we've been having.

Do you see those numbers that begin with a 5?? Yup. :)

Scissors scare me. Particularly in the hands of this guy.

Someone bought boots today. Someone is feeling spiffy.

Happy Friday!

03 October 2012

An October before we had kids

Who are these people?
Nellis AFB 2003

02 October 2012


I saw this video being passed around on Facebook today and finally decided to watch it. Whoa nelly! What this woman says is beautiful. And so, so, so needed. Bravo Jennifer!