28 July 2011

Books in the Mail

Yesterday I got a very familiar package at my doorstep. It's no secret that Amazon is my number 2 BFF. And don't even get me started on Free Super Saver Shipping-FABULOUS! Anywho, as I retrieved my awesome brown cardboard, I realized that this package was not for me. This package included some very special things for Tyson.

I quickly called the boys over and told them that I had something special: new books about Kindergarten! The boys were immediately enthralled and we sat right down (in the kitchen in fact) and read all four books.

While we were reading, I would stop and explain certain things about school and how what was happening in the book(s) would also happen to Tyson when he starts school in 24 days (Holy Montana! Twenty Four Days!). Everything was going peachy-keen when Tyson turns to me and says:

"Ya know, I'm gonna have a really good time in Kindergarten but I'm really gonna miss Tucker. I'm probably gonna cry a little because I'll be sad that Tucker isn't at school with me."

That was it.
Tears upon tears upon tears.
What am I going to do in 24 days???

FYI the books we go are:
The Night Before Kindergaren by Natasha Wing
Kindergarten Rocks! by Katie Davis
The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joseph Slate

27 July 2011

I come by it naturally

I've been a nerd all my life.

26 July 2011

My Day Just Got a Lot Better

23 July 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Stuart had to work today (just for a bit) and he thought he would make things more interesting by taking Tyson to work with him. We didn't tell Tyson about this till after he woke up this morning and to say that the boy was excited is the biggest understatement of the year. Tyson was literally oozing joy. Conversely, Tucker was absolutely crushed. He cried and cried (so he and mommy are going to go do something fun later).

I'm 100% sure Tyson is going to talk his father's ear off all morning.

 oh! my big boy
 Tucker REALLY didn't want to let go

Bye mom!

22 July 2011


Yesterday, Tyson decided to wake up before 5 am. He came running into our room complaining of having a bad dream. I was so confused and asleep that I just let him crawl into our bed. BIG MISTAKE. While I loved having him snuggle up next to me, the child NEVER went back to sleep. He would lay very still then BAM! start talking to me. It didn't help that Scout then woke up at 5:30 and vomited in the hallway and Stuart got out of bed at 5:45 to get ready for work. The worst part? He then also got up at 5:30 this morning and was raring to go! Yeehaw!

30 more days till Tyson starts kindergarten. THIRTY DAYS. I'm not sure I even understand the magnanimity of this. My baby, my oldest offspring is about to leave me. This is just the beginning. In a mere 30 days our lives are going to be turned upside down. Tucker's going to have one-on-one time with me. Tyson's going to start learning about the world. And I'm gonna cry-a lot.

I'm not complaining about the glorious rain that we have gotten this week, really I'm not. What I'm complaining about is the lack of anything in our backyard; so that when that magical wet stuff hits our yard, we get mud. Lots of it. And do you know what happens when you mix mud and 4 dogs? (yes, 4 dogs. We have been watching my parent's dogs while they are out of town this week) 16 paws. 16 paws that walk thru the mud and bring said offensiveness in the house. And on the couches. And on the rug. And everywhere I turn. See? I'm not complaining about the rain at all. It's the dirt & water mixture that I'm ready to strangle.

Have you ever heard of the wive's tale that if you take the height of your child (or anyone) at the age of 2 and then multiply that by 2, you will get the predicted adult height of said person? No? Me neither. So when my friend told me about it, I had to look up the boys stats and get a glimmer of what our/their future holds! Tyson was 34.5 inches tall at 2: 34.5 X 2 = 69 / 12 = 5'8". Tucker was 37 inches tall at 2: 37 X 2 = 74 / 12 = 6'2". Innnnttteeerrreesstttinnnng. Now, I can totally see Tucker being tall. There's not much height in the Doss family (Stu is only 5'10") but my father is 6'1" and my grandmother was about 5'9". But Tyson being only 3 inches taller than me? I don't see that.

Tucker desperately wants a bay brother or sister. I mean, desperately! Ever time he gets remotely close to a baby he wants to hold them and kiss them and talk to them and then goes on and on to me about how much he wants a baby too. This morning he told me that he wants a baby just like baby Kate (his oh-so-adorable cousin). He would "love her and hold her and feed her carrots." Wow. He I think he's totally ready for babysitting!

20 July 2011

While watching the last space shuttle launch

17 July 2011

Medal of Honor Recipient

Amazing interview with Medal of Honor Recipient Leroy Petry

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Exclusive - Leroy Petry Extended Interview Pt. 1
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogThe Daily Show on Facebook

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Exclusive - Leroy Petry Extended Interview Pt. 2
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogThe Daily Show on Facebook

16 July 2011


Preface: As you may remember, Stuart and I recently purchased my childhood home. So, we live 1 mile away from the high school which I attended. Stuart's grandparent's live behinde that same high school (and have for 30+ years). The mascot of my high school is the ram.

While driving to Stuart's grandparent's house:

Tucker: Daddy, do you have some Shiner?
Stuart: What?
Tucker: Some Shiner?
Stuart: Um, yeah buddy I do.
Tucker: You really like Shiner.
Stuart: Yup.
Tucker: Look! The Shiner animal is on that school!!
Me: Yes, yes it is.

15 July 2011

For Clarification Purposes

Alright, yesterday I tweeted this and apparently it offended some. Let me just say that I in no way ever intend on offending anyone with what I write and I also do no write for malicious purposes; however, if someone takes what I write as a personal vendeta that I have against them, then that's their buisness.

Since 140 characters is not an adequate amount of space to truly get a point across and since I have this here snazzy blog, I thought I would clarify things a bit.

First off, I do NOT hate Harry Potter. I do NOT hate those that like Harry Potter. I do NOT not go to the movies (in fact, I took the boys to Cars 2 this morning and we had a fabulous time). I do NOT hate people that speak their opinions (I am in fact one of those people, and really aren't we all?).

With that being said my tweet was really aimed at those individuals that waited in line for hours upon hours to watch a movie at midnight. AGAIN, this is MY OPINION. It was meant as sarcasm. Please don't tell me what an awful person I am because I don't agree with your reasoning to do the above mentioned act. See, as a wife and mother of two young kids, I can find so, so many other things to do with my time than wait in line (probably outside where it's a million degrees) for 3, 5, 7, 10+ hours for a movie that will still be the same movie when it comes out on DVD. But that's me. I admit that I have waited in line for a movie before (when I was a teenager) but I'm pretty sure it was only an hour. Now that I'm older and have different responsibilities, my ideals have changed. Standing in line for hours is just not high up on my list, actually it's not on my list at all. If this is something that is a priority for you, great! But just as you are excited about only having 3 more hours till movie time, I am excited about my couch and my pjs and not being surrounded by lots of people. And I have a right to say that.

As I mentioned, I am not against going to the movies. I think movies are wonderful, albeit very expensive. I personally prefer waiting for a movie to come out on DVD and renting it for $0.99 from the Red Box. That's me. That's my opinion. It does not mean that I am right and you are wrong. And it also doesn't mean that you are right and I am wrong. This is just what my husband and I have decided that we want and like to do. There are also other reasons that I prefer movies at home: I really, really like my house. I like to be in my house, with my husband and my kids and my dogs and NO ONE ELSE. I really prefer to avoid crowds. I like to pause a movie and go to the bathroom or make brownies and play an awesome word on Words With Friends. Again, ME. This is what I like. If you want to go to the theater every week and spend $10 a ticket, do it!

Now as for Harry Potter, I really have no stand on the subject at all. I have not read any of the books, although I intend to at some point. I have not seen any of the movies. I'm not sure that I will watch them though because I really, really love books and in most cases I am let down by movies that are based on books. However, I have seen plenty of movies that are based on books that were fantastic; so just because I have read the book does not mean that I won't watch the movie version.

As for opinions, well...what can I say? I typically try to not join in on hot topics. There are certainly far too many people that live from one argument to the next. And there are legitimate issues that need to be brought to the surface so that people can sound off on them. The thing that I have a hard time with are those that feel the need to "blast" their opinion(s) and tell me I'm wrong or bad for thinking differently. We all have the right to think and act as we want. Just because I feel a certain way about XYZ does not give me the authority to bash another person for their feelings on said subject. A lot more can be accomplished if we close our mouths and open our eyes and ears.

And as for my offending anyone-I truly am sorry that you feel that way. I hope that some or any of what I have written has made sense.

14 July 2011

Recently (in camera pics)

Tyson at the very tip-top of the very tall slide, Tucker (and that was his father's beverage)
Tucker taking a turn with the camera, Sweet Tyson
Last day of VBS, Tucker thinks he's so cool

13 July 2011


12 July 2011


**I still have no idea why my pictures "disappeared." Seems like there was some sort of error and blogger was no longer recognizing the web address from which the pictures came from. ?? I have no idea why it would do this NOW, but I am slowly going thru and deleting and re-uploading the pictures. Grrr. And TIME CONSUMING.**

OK, I admit that I am not the smarted person when it comes to HTML or navigating the strange waters of code, but I do know a few things and that is why this gosh-darn issue is so frustrating. I can not figure out why my pictures (some but not all) are no longer showing up on my blog (including my header). Thoughts??

11 July 2011

5:47 AM

Yes, that is the time that I was awaken by my sweet baby boy. Although when I first looked at my clock, I thought it very much not so sweet that the first number I saw came before 6. Unfortunately, the reason for the much, much too early wake up call was an upset tummy. The good news was that Tucker went potty in the potty; the bad news is that he has thrown up 3 times thus far and all times have been on a separate cushion of the couch. To his credit, times #2 and #3 he attempted and did get some vomit into his "throw up bowl."

So, I feel that need to make some brighter points:

  1. Today I am thankful for slip-cover couches. Washing!
  2. Today I am thankful for a washing machine.
  3. Today I am thankful for Disney. Yup.
  4. Today I am thankful for baby wipes. The clean-up capabilities are endless.
  5. Today I am thankful for cherry fruit crisp. :)

09 July 2011

A Post! And Links! And not much else!

  1. You might have noticed my lack of posting over the past few weeks...what can I say? Life happens.
  2. Thursday, I folded and put away 7 loads of laundry.
  3. Friday, I washed and dried 6 more loads.{Sigh.}
  4. Today, I need to fold and put away those 6 loads. {Groan.}
  5. We finally joined the land of civilization and bought Sea World passes. :)
  6. Stu and I have watched almost every episode of Bath Crashers in the past week and I have visions of tubs and tile in my sleep. 
  7. Rachael posted a new note about Luke. Read it here.
  8. Please continue to pray and support (if you feel so inclined) my good friend and her husband as they continue their adoption journey. You can read more here and "Like" it here.
  9. Tucker slept in big boy underwear for two nights in a row and woke up dry. Last night, I went into check on him and he had peed thru everything. Bummer.
  10. Today, I need to wash and dry 3 more loads of laundry. {Hooray!}

06 July 2011

Happy Birthday Padre!

02 July 2011






01 July 2011

Because I like to share

Just save the picture (coupon), print and enjoy!
You're welcome.