31 October 2009

While Mom is Away...

...Stuart takes the boys to the neighbor's house to let them play with his snake.

30 October 2009

Weighty Issue

So Tucker is between sizes, again. While Tyson is at a very stable 5/5T, Tucker is in between a 4T and 5T. He's still holding fast with 4T shirts but the pants, the pants hold all the issues. You see, the boys are 16 months apart in age. (Let's just take a moment here and do some math. 16 months APART. That means that Tyson was roughly 7 months old when we made Tucker. 7 months. He wasn't walking, or talking, or crawling or eating food by himself. He was a baby. And me? I was insane.) Recently we weighed these two and the results were laughable. Tyson, all 4 years of him weighs 41 pounds. Tucker, well Tucker just defies gravity. Tucker came in at a healthy 40 pounds. 40 pounds in 2 and 1/2 years. Dear heavens. I have no future in keeping a nominal grocery bill.

What does this all mean? Well, for Tucker it means that his waist is perfect for a 4.5T. Unfortunately they do not make this size in stores. It also means that his little legs (because seriously people, he's TWO) do quite fill out the 5T jeans.

But the bigger issue is trying to convince my wonderful husband that Tucker can not wear Tyson's jeans.


I don't know if it happens to all men or just my 31 year old but he has a hard time understanding that each of his children has his own closet. And then he wonders why Tyson has no pants left to wear.

28 October 2009

Like Father, Like Shoes

26 October 2009


It's Monday-blah. (really I just wanted to use this picture)

This weekend I didn't have to work and by "didn't have to work" I mean I didn't have to go to my job in which I get compensated for monetarily but I did still have to go to my job in which I get paid for in hugs and kisses. Now which one do you think I prefer?? (Hint: the answer would be that later although on some days it might be the former.)
So, what did I do with ALL MY FREE TIME? I decided to bust out my domestic genes. That's right ladies and ladies, I unearthed my sewing machine.
My dear sewing machine has quite the story. See when this gift was given to me, I strongly disagreed with it. Or maybe just the giving of it. My husband, whom shall remain nameless, thought it quite the romantic present to give to me on Valentine's Day in the second year of our marriage. I, on the other hand, thought it was a hint at getting me to do more things around the house. I, being brilliant, thought this was screaming "Hey honey! I got you this super cool sewing machine so that you can make everything and cook everything and be the best at everything and have the house perfect and know everything! See here! Now THIS is a gift! How romantic of me! I love you!"
What he really was trying to say was, "Honey, I remembered that you said you wanted to learn how to sew and look, I remembered! I love you!"
It was quite the sore subject for awhile and thus remained untouched for a good two months. But then I finally put my big girl panties on and had this same husband show me to to sew a straight line. It's now been 4 years and I can still only sew a straight line but man can I sew a long one!
The boys gathered round and watched as if they were seeing something magical. I mean, their mother, actual mother was sewing. And oh the noises that were coming out of their mouths! Apparently all it takes is one curtain and two pairs of jeans to hem and you are lifted to a whole new level: My Mother CAN Do Things.

Shout Outs:
Planting bushes-that's right, I also pulled out my green thumb.*
Reading directions-handy.
Hearing your son compare your husband to Jon Stewart-priceless.

*which was quickly followed by busting that said thumb on the gate and pulling the same fingernail which occupies the tip of that thumb half way back and screaming for a good 30 seconds.

23 October 2009

At Bedtime

Me: Goodnight buddy. I love you. You're my favorite four year old.
Tyson: Goodnight mommy, I love you too.
Me: Am I your favorite mommy?
Tyson: Nope because you're Tucker's mother.
Me: Oh really?
Tyson: Yeah but daddy is my father.
Me: Huh. Why is that?
Tyson: Because I have daddy's hair and you don't.

21 October 2009

I am not

You may have noticed the lack of blogging this month...I know, I know. It's just been a month. So I thought I would summarize a bit for you.

I'm not going to tell you how someone very close to Stuart forgot his birthday (NOT me) and kinda set me off.
I'm not going to tell you about hyperventilating when we didn't get our GI Bill money for the second month in a row since there is an extremely large amount of people trying to use the GI Bill this semester and somehow they just couldn't keep up.
I'm not going to tell you about the fact that I am now officially a hospital employee and to celebrate I got called to come in to work every day that week.
I'm not going to tell you about how over H1N1 I am. Ugh.
I'm not going to tell you about how not fun work was this weekend including coming in early twice, multiple MVA's, a house fire burn patient, the dog bite and the 6-7 hour wait time.
I'm not going to tell you about both times that Stuart put the boys down for a nap and found Tucker moments later covered in poo. So not going to tell you about that.
I'm not going to tell you about Stuart's brother coming into town and Tyson waking up while we were outside imbibing and opened the front door to look for us.
I'm not going to tell you about Stuart figuring out how to "break into" our phones and downloading new operating systems for both.
I'm not going to tell you about opening the windows all day long and finally being able to play outside without worry of bringing in gallons of mud.

I will however tell you about Tucker calling Stuart's brother "Grandpa" the entire time he was here even though Stuart has exponentially more gray hair (in fact I don't think his brother has any) and going pee-pee in the potty for the first time.

Shout Outs:
Cheese grater-fun and cost effective.
Socks-colored socks to be exact. :)
Mowing for the last time this year-not much better than that.

19 October 2009

I think some Christmas music is in order

15 October 2009

The difference between Tyson and Tucker

14 October 2009


Me: Tyson, do you know who's coming to visit you tomorrow?
Tyson: Yeah, Uncle Steven.
Me: How did you know that?
Tyson: Because daddy knew that too.
Me: Tyson, did you know that Uncle Steven is daddy's brother?
Tyson: No, he's just Uncle Steven.
Me: Yes he is but he's also daddy's brother.
Tyson: Just like Tucker is MY brother?? (you can totally see the wheels turning in his head)
Me: Yes! Just like that.
Tyson: But my brother lives in Wichita Falls, TX.
Me: Right.
Tyson: Why doesn't daddy's brother live in Wichita Falls, TX?
Me: Well, daddy's brother is married to Aunt Misty and he has to live where Aunt Misty and cousin Gracie are.
Tyson: But why doesn't Uncle Steven live with daddy?
Me: Because then Uncle Steven would live with you! (hehehe)
Tyson: Oh that's funny mommy! Plus Uncle Steven is silly.

13 October 2009

This is how I feel

10 October 2009


So yesterday was my hubby's 31 st birthday. Yea. 31 years that brilliant man has been alive and sharing is plethora of knowledge with total strangers. So what did we do to celebrate? Here's a rundown of the day:

Worked Thurs night 7 pm-7am
Got home at 7:21 am
Sang happy birthday to daddy and presented him with cards
Stuart promptly left for school at 7:47 am
I went about doing dishes, folding laundry and cleaning the boys' bathroom
Stuart gets home from school at 9:13 am, bringing with him breakfast (!)
Eat breakfast
I pass out in bed at 10:03 am
Stuart takes the boys to get haircuts and trys to find a talking Transformer
I wake up at 11 am so that I can be at HR at 11:30 am
I become an official employee of United Regional Health Care System (no more temp employment and I get shift diff and I get benefits-hooray!)
Meet the boys at the Gucci grocery store for some birthday night preparations and lunch
Nap time for the boys and The Office time for the adults
I pass out again at 2:30 pm
The boys scream and shout and then head to an eatery for dinner and indoor play
I wake up at 7 pm to an empty house
The boys come home and we tidy up for friends to come over
7:52 pm friends knock on the door
Enjoy some adult beverages and children play time
10 pm friends leave, boys go to bed, adult Survivor time
12 am crash into bed again

Wasn't that fantastic? Isn't it amazing how a couple years totally changes the celebratory patterns of our lives?

Shout Outs:
Turning our heater on-

09 October 2009

To My One and Only

Happy 31st Birthday Honey!!

07 October 2009

It's a YouTube kinda day

Top 20 Most Amazing Photos

Largest Things


06 October 2009

Big Brothers Aren't So Bad

05 October 2009

I'm not sure what to say

I had every intention of starting today off with a post about my kids, or the rain we've had, or the fact that it's October! but I just can't muster the happiness for that.

Last night I witnessed the death of a 4 month old little boy.

You see when I first started working in the ER I knew that I was going to see some bad/sad things. I mean it IS an emergency room. But to be honest with you it's not at all like the shows that you see you tv. It's not chaos everyday. It's not bustling with people at all times. Nurses and doctors don't scream back and forth and there really aren't that many people that go postal while in the ER. (Though we did have a patient recently get mad and start tearing apart his room including throwing the stool, mattress and table thru the break-away doors and into the hallway.) For the most part it's actually quite the normal place. We do have our share of traumas and codes but we routinely see people who a) use the ER as their primary doctor, b) have minor lacerations, c) want to get out of work so they come to the ER, or d) are referred to the ER by Tricare since all the appointments on base are full. (The current complaint for patients: sore throat, cough, fever.)

When we do have a true emergency, it makes everyone work a little harder and reminds us why we do what we do.

Last night the page went out around the hospital, "Code Baby Blue to the ER" and my heart sank. No one ever wants to hear code blue but you really never want to hear code baby blue. I sat waiting to hear anything, any news that this baby was going to live but that news never came. I had to look his mother in the eyes as she came tearing into the ER and not say anything since I knew what she could only fear had happened. I had to cover my ears as she shrieked and sobbed after being told of his fate. I closed my door and said a prayer.

It's not right and it's not fair.

I remember walking out of the hospital the morning that my mother-in-law passed away and wondering how the world kept on going. Did people not realize that someone had just died? I can only imagine the torment that this family is going thru this morning. And me? I got to come home and see my healthy boys. I got to hug them and kiss them and hear them tell me about hooking the stroller up to the truck and driving it around (more on that later).

I'm just at a loss for words. Would you say a prayer for this family?

“Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.” Isaiah 55:6

04 October 2009

Now THAT'S a forecast

02 October 2009

Snooze, cont....

So you might remember my lack of affection for the snooze. No? Well, I hate it. I mean, I REALLY hate it. I just don't understand why we need it. If you want to wake up at 6:30 am, set your alarm for that time. If you want to wake up at 6:57 am, then set your alarm for that time. What does the snooze accomplish? A lot of waking up and general fussiness from me.

Unfortunately my husband is quite the snooze user. So this morning I got to have an exclusive:

Me: Hon, (as I kick him) you have GOT to get up.
Snooze abuser: hmph
Me: Hon, seriously. GET UP.
Snooze abuser: (rolling over)
Me: I just don't get this.
Snooze abuser: (taking off his C-Pap) What?
Me: You. I just don't understand why you set your alarm so early.
Snooze abuser: Because I want to have enough time to get up.
Me: See, that's just the problem. The millisecond that alarm starts to go off, I'm up. And I stay that way. Why don't you take extra time in the shower or while your eating breakfast?
Snooze abuser: Sounds like a personal problem.
Me: No, no, no. You so don't get to turn this around on me.
Snooze abuser: What?? (as he's trying to grab up my shirt)
Me: Oh my gracious are you kidding me?
Snooze abuser: What??

As you can see there is no getting thru to the snooze abuser. Do you think we can have an intervention for this?

01 October 2009

Happy Fall Y'all!