30 January 2013


I thought someone, anyone could use a little uplifting on this day. Be blessed.

18 January 2013


Hallelujah! It's Friday!

There's always a good reason for cookies.

The state of my house.


New bikes!

Our "first" born.

They feel good y'all.

My 2013 To Do List. Sigh...

Meet Hutton Allan Haught! Coming soon to my baby sister!

He's a good boy.

One day I'll finish scanning.

Happy Friday!
life rearranged

17 January 2013


04 January 2013


Happy New Year!
Ours was spent curled up in blankets, fighting the flu and trying to eat as many left overs are possible. 
It was glorious.

These little things are quite unnecessary to my awesome husband.

Our New Year's Day.

I love *little* feet.

Me and my older boy.

He was pretty much the only cheerful one.

Have you tried this? It's superbly fantastic.

One day this room will get finished. And then we'll start on the others.

Going to the vet.

Taking down Christmas. Turbo can not wait to have free range of the windows.

I really like fun socks.

Science can be had at anytime.

Happy Friday!
life rearranged

03 January 2013

December: Day 31

December: Day 30

Tucker is now sporting a very cute double gap. :)

December: Day 29