29 August 2008

Good Day

I love being at home with my family! We had a rough trip down; neither of the boys slept so when we got to SA they were beyond exhausted. Luckily we got here at 4:30 in the afternoon (we normally leave our house around 6 pm and get here around 1 am-yuck!) which was a very nice surprise. The boys were soooo excited to see Mimi and Peepaw (my parents). And we had a nice dinner together (buffalo meat thanks to Jordana's boyfriend's family, it was quite tasty) and then off to bed for the boys. Or so we thought...
Tucker had a really hard time getting to sleep but when he finally did (around 8:30) he was out. Tyson got up several times and my mother finally went to lay down with him around midnight. My mom is an angel!
Both boys were up at 6:45 this morning. But again my mom rescued me and watched the tyrants while I caught a few more zzz's on the couch. Then we got dressed and headed to my favorite local-Walmart! Shopped for about an hour then headed home for lunch. The boys actually took descent naps and then we were off to see grandma and grandpa (they are actually Stu's grandparents). They boys played and played and played some more. We had a great relaxing dinner with Stu's family and tried our best not to get carried away by all the mosquitoes. Bedtime was calling so we loaded up and headed back to my parent's house. The boys went down VERY well (compared to last night) and I am now headed to bed BEFORE 10:30! All-in-all it was a good day!

27 August 2008

San Antonio Here We Come!

We are heading to SA tomorrow to see family-yay! Stuart is feeling much better today from his surgery so we think we are up for the 6 hour drive. Mental and written to do:

~finish laundry
~get mail
~a bunch of other stuff that I can't think of right now

Alright, that's all I have for tonight. See you soon Mom!

26 August 2008


I knew that today was going to be a bit more rough than normal-Stu was having dental surgery this afternoon. What I wasn't prepared for was both boys waking up numerous times throughout the night. It's not uncommon for Tyson to get up within an hour of us putting him to bed, but he got up at 2:30, 4, 4:45, 5:15, 5:30 and then Stuart finally got up with him at 5:45. In the AM! I'm not sure what was going on in that little boy but it definitely was not sleep. Tucker woke up at 3 and 5 roughly (I think he was woken up by Tyson's screaming) but he doesn't get out of bed so I just let him cry back to sleep.

So the morning was early, too early. I was a wreck all morning long. On top of that I had to get things ready for Stu's dental surgery. It was at 1 pm so I asked a friend if she could come over and watch them while they napped. She is awesome. She never says no. What a blessing! Anywho I was really worried about leaving her with them because of the rough night and just knowing they weren't going to nap well (they did thankfully).

This was round two for Stuart's dental surgeries. He has receding gum lines and the dentist is taking a graph from the roof of his mouth and stitching it over the bad gums. About a month ago he did the left side. Unfortunately it didn't take. Poor guy was in so much pain and could only eat soft food for a week and all that for nothing! But my husband is brave and wanted to try again, this time on the right. The surgery took 2 1/2 (1 1/2 longer than expected) but this time Stu took the IV meds instead of the local (good boy). He's doing good, just in a lot of pain. Say a little prayer that this side takes and that he starts to heal soon! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. :)

25 August 2008

Round Two

Today was the first day of school (not for my children of course) but for all those that live around us and like to go outside and scream at precisely 12:30 pm (naptime). It started out like any other day, wake up at 6:30 to my trusty Tyson alarm clock and begin. This morning I had a dermatology appointment so we had to pack up and leave fairly soon after the boys awoke. Tyson loves going to the doctor; Tucker on the other-hand screamed at the top of his lungs because I strapped him into the stroller. I was "that mom" in the waiting room. Not-to-mention my dermatologist is in a massive complex that houses many other specialty doctors so almost everyone in Wichita Falls got to witness the collapse of my child. Wonderful.
Side note-does everyone with small children experience the older-generation-thinks-your-kids-are-their-grandchildren phase? It's sweet but when they start telling your kids that they love them I get the hibbie-jibbies.

We made it home with just enough time to play before daddy come home for lunch. It's amazing how when you walk thru your front door your children become normal and can funcition again. The afternoon went off fairly well until we got a call from our realtor...

Last Tuesday our offer on a house here in WF was accepted-yeah! Unfortunely as soon as the seller signed the contract she called and had her utilities turned off (they are to be left on as per the contract). So when the housing inspector showed up on Friday to do his inspection, he couldn't. Some phone calls later and we learn the story and are reassured that everything will be back on today and the inspection can be tomorrow. Our realtor went by the house this afternoon to make sure everything was back on, which they were EXCEPT for the electricity! Seriously? They HOPE to get the electricity up by Thursday. I am so over house buying. BUT here are some pics of our hopefully-soon-to-be-house!

The front view

Living room
Dining room

24 August 2008

Something New

Alright, alright...I have heard your voices and I think I am ready for this blogging thing. We'll see. Since this is my first blog, I thought I would just get my feet wet and do something small. Maybe post a pic or two. Let me know what you think!