29 March 2011


Tyson's Song Take 2 from Clarissa Doss on Vimeo.

25 March 2011

Break Time

Just a boy, his book and his dog.

24 March 2011

Fire Stick

{while driving the boys take notice to the car next to us}
Tucker: Mommy, why does he have a fire stick in his mouth?
Me: A fire stick?
Tucker: Yeah. That man (pointing the car)
Me: Oh (realizing he's talking about a cigarette)
Tyson: See mommy? He keeps putting the fire stick in his mouth.
Me: I see. Well, that fire stick is very bad.
Tucker: Is he going to jail?
Me: No, he's not going to jail. It's not illegal to have that. It's just very bad for your body,
Tyson: Oh. So he's going to go to the ER then?
Me: Maybe not right now but he'll probably have to go to the hospital one day if he doesn't stop putting that fire stick in his mouth.
Tucker: Ohh, I don't like fire sticks.
Me: Good.

23 March 2011


Recently I have been inundated with memories. Whether from moving into the house I grew up in, watching my baby sister get married, running into my ex-boyfriend's brother at the zoo or going to a baby shower at the home of another ex-boyfriend's best friend's house, these memories are attacking me on all fronts.

And I'm not really sure what to do with them.

Let's start with the zoo shall we? I have written about this particular boyfriend several times. He was the guy that I dated before Stuart and I honestly thought I was going to marrying him (that is until he broke up with me on Valentine's Day because I wasn't Christian enough for him). Several of my mommy friends and their kids went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. Everything was going along peachy-keen when out of nowhere, in the bird house, I look up and realize I know this man. It took me a second, then BAM! Holy cow!
Are you...?"
"Uh, huh. I know who you are."
The flood gates were not only opened but ripped apart. All these emotions came tumbling down at me and I was completely dumbfounded. Why was I remembering him? Why now? More importantly, why did I care?

Fast forward to last Saturday. I was headed to a baby shower for a childhood friend. She's from out-of-town and I haven't seen her in years. The shower was at a beautiful house and I was immediately greeted by the hostesses as I walked in the door. As I introduced myself one of the hostesses started to get a funny look on her face.
"So how do you know J?"
"Well we grew up going to camp together."
"Really? My son went to that camp. What's your last name again?"
"It's Doss, but my maiden name is Chisholm."
"That's it! You're Clarissa Chisholm! You dated him for forever! {Wow, way to throw me into a tailspin.} I'm R's mom. Do you remember him? {Um, how could I forget? He was one of his best friends.}
"Yes I do."

Now he's the crazy thing. I can't stop thinking about certain things: this guy and Cesar repainting my parent's house, the other guy and I going skiing together, this guy and I going to the Phantom of the Opera, the other guy's 3 years of football games, this guy crazy logic, the other guy's fantastic family. All these memories are bombarding me and I can't figure out what to do with them.

I don't have any feelings for them (obviously) so why the sappy walk down memory lane?
Why now?
Is repainting going to stir up every emotion I have?
Was seeing the other guy's parents at my sister's wedding really supposed to shake me the way it did?
Is it going to always be this way?

There were some really great times that I had with both these men but I don't want to feel like I'm drowning in these memories.
Again, I ask, why now?
Why do I do with them?

21 March 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

20 March 2011

Why is there a fridge in the living room?

Because we got the rest (minus the dryer, it's still on back-order) of our appliance this morning!

more pics to come!

18 March 2011

Bust out the Kleenex

This amazing woman is the friend of one of my childhood friends. Her blog is such a testament to God's love and mercies. Make sure you grab the whole box of Kleenex!

Just Some Thoughts...

16 March 2011

My Day(s)


15 March 2011

Wedding Bells

*since I personally didn't take any pictures this weekend, I'm giving credit where credit is due. These beautiful pictures are all thanks to Caitlin and Marci.*

14 March 2011


11 March 2011

Good Little Mormons

*we are not in fact Mormon and I am in no way making fun of Mormons or the Mormon church. 
Well, I might be taking a humorous slant on all the short sleeve, tie wearing door knockers.*

10 March 2011

On this and that

  • As many of you (well, two really) have gleaned, Stuart and I are buying my parent's house. It's started out innocently enough. When we found out (rather suddenly) that we were moving to San Antonio instead of West Virginia, we immediately called my parents and asked if we could stay with them till 1) our house in WF sold or 2) we found another place to love. During the five months that we have been here, our living situation as gone from finding an apartment, finding a rental house, buying my parent's house, buying Stuart's parent's house and buying a completely unrelated house. Ultimately it came down to my parent's being ready to downsize. Before we were even slated to move out yonder they were talking about selling and even had a realtor come out to look at their house. So, after many discussion on "what if" and "how bout that" and "should we" we decided, yes we should. And so we gave my parents the great news that we were kicking them out and bid them good luck! :) 
  • Since the aforementioned is happening, we have spent the last week packing up my mom's house while simultaneously bringing in and unpacking parts of my house. (thus the lack of posting)

  • I bought these fabulous gold, glitter, heeled shoes for my sister's wedding. I'm still pinching myself that I actually did that.

  • I haven't worn heels in almost 3 years.
  • We got the 1st of our new appliances yesterday.
  • After a plumber quoted us $1063 to install a gas line to the range, Stuart said no thanks and has almost completed the task for just under $300. 
  • The boys are getting Lego backpacks with their names embroidered on them for their ring bearer gifts. They are so stinkin' cute and the boys are going to be over the moon about them.
  • Here's a little gem my friend sent me from our trip to the zoo last week. Enjoy!

08 March 2011

I love them, a lot

04 March 2011


Coming to my house March 15.
Am I excited?
You bet your tush I am.
Do I feel a little bad for showing off?
Absolutely not.
{well, maybe a little}

03 March 2011


2 hours till the plumber arrives to install a gas line for the *new oven
8 hours till our *new appliances arrive (if all goes well)
 3 days till Stuart gets to go to the Spurs vs Lakers game WITHOUT ME
10 days till my baby sister gets married
11 days till my parents get the keys to their new apartment
12+ days till we close on this house
171 days till my baby starts school!
197 days till Tyson's birthday

*thank you tax return

02 March 2011

Playground Etiquette

A couple of days ago, Stu and I took the boys to a new playground since A) it was a beautiful day outside and B) the boys REALLY needed to get out of the house. While we were there, however, I noted some very alarming things. So, me being me, I have compiled a(nother) list of things (or rules) that I feel are imperative when playing at the playground.

  1. Watch you children. I can not overstate this enough. I know that the playground affords moms (and dads) a few minutes of peace (certainly not quiet), but just because there's a fence around the main area does NOT mean that your child will stay within those boundaries.
  2. Do not allow your too-big-for-the-playground-child to jump off of the top of the slide. It's dangerous. Small children watch this and want to emulate the action. I do NOT want to take my child to the ER anytime soon, thankyouverymuch.
  3. I am all for sharing but when your child takes my child's toy and throws it across the playground in a fit of frustration for not being allowed to play with said toy, I will say something to your child.
  4. And if that same child then steals my child's toy and takes it to his bag, I will remove MY child's toy from YOUR child's bag and give you a dirty look. 
  5. If you have to reach into your vagina to pull your shorts down, THEY ARE TOO SHORT. Yes, they are.
  6. Don't cuss. Period.
  7. Don't use the playground as a make-out session opportunity. I'm sure the parents of the kids that you are babysitting would be horrified to know that you are meeting your boyfriend at the park whilst their innocent children watch in wonder at what you are doing.
  8. I appreciate parents that climb through the playground with their children, really, I do. BUT if you think that you are too big to fit thru the slide, please don't try and prove yourself wrong. It's a really unattractive image. Trust me.
  9. Your dog may be the friendliest creature on the planet and I do love dogs, but there's a leash law for a reason. 
  10. My legs ARE that white. You might want to put sunglasses on before you venture a glance at them.

01 March 2011