24 March 2011

Fire Stick

{while driving the boys take notice to the car next to us}
Tucker: Mommy, why does he have a fire stick in his mouth?
Me: A fire stick?
Tucker: Yeah. That man (pointing the car)
Me: Oh (realizing he's talking about a cigarette)
Tyson: See mommy? He keeps putting the fire stick in his mouth.
Me: I see. Well, that fire stick is very bad.
Tucker: Is he going to jail?
Me: No, he's not going to jail. It's not illegal to have that. It's just very bad for your body,
Tyson: Oh. So he's going to go to the ER then?
Me: Maybe not right now but he'll probably have to go to the hospital one day if he doesn't stop putting that fire stick in his mouth.
Tucker: Ohh, I don't like fire sticks.
Me: Good.