04 March 2011


Coming to my house March 15.
Am I excited?
You bet your tush I am.
Do I feel a little bad for showing off?
Absolutely not.
{well, maybe a little}


Raena said...

Soooooo nice!


Jennifer W said...

Um, did I completely miss a post here?!? What house are you talking about? Also, I dislike you and your shiny new toys just a teensy bit right now.

Brittany said...

We have that microwave and dishwasher. I love them! Our fridge has the same handles as the microwave but it's probably pretty similar. It's awesome, too. All new appliances are so fun (and save so much on your electric bill)! Congrats!

Aubrey said...

I agree with Jennifer. Did I miss something?You have a house and your parents have a new apartment. Did you buy your parent's house, or just run them off. :)