10 March 2011

On this and that

  • As many of you (well, two really) have gleaned, Stuart and I are buying my parent's house. It's started out innocently enough. When we found out (rather suddenly) that we were moving to San Antonio instead of West Virginia, we immediately called my parents and asked if we could stay with them till 1) our house in WF sold or 2) we found another place to love. During the five months that we have been here, our living situation as gone from finding an apartment, finding a rental house, buying my parent's house, buying Stuart's parent's house and buying a completely unrelated house. Ultimately it came down to my parent's being ready to downsize. Before we were even slated to move out yonder they were talking about selling and even had a realtor come out to look at their house. So, after many discussion on "what if" and "how bout that" and "should we" we decided, yes we should. And so we gave my parents the great news that we were kicking them out and bid them good luck! :) 
  • Since the aforementioned is happening, we have spent the last week packing up my mom's house while simultaneously bringing in and unpacking parts of my house. (thus the lack of posting)

  • I bought these fabulous gold, glitter, heeled shoes for my sister's wedding. I'm still pinching myself that I actually did that.

  • I haven't worn heels in almost 3 years.
  • We got the 1st of our new appliances yesterday.
  • After a plumber quoted us $1063 to install a gas line to the range, Stuart said no thanks and has almost completed the task for just under $300. 
  • The boys are getting Lego backpacks with their names embroidered on them for their ring bearer gifts. They are so stinkin' cute and the boys are going to be over the moon about them.
  • Here's a little gem my friend sent me from our trip to the zoo last week. Enjoy!


Brittany said...

What a blessing for both you and your parents to be able to buy their house! Are they going to buy a new house? I'm so excited to hear more about all your fun new house stuff with decorating and organizing. (Really I'm just hoping to get inspired by some of your organization!) Congratulations on your new house!