29 June 2011


1 more day of VBS
5 days till we get to sing "God Bless America"
7 days till my Padre's birthday
53 days till Tyson starts Kindergarten (gulp)
79 days till Tyson's 6th birthday
101 days till Stuart's birthday
110 days till Stuart's anniversary at Chesapeake (yay!)

28 June 2011

Do you know what these pictures have in common?

If you guessed, awesomeness, you'd be wrong (but right too).
If you guessed, they're all from pinterest, you'd be right (but wrong too).
If you guessed, they're all about organization, then you get the grand prize!

Ahh. I could just stare in wonder all day at these.

View my pinterest here.
sources: domestic-fashionista.blogspot.comapartmenttherapy.comorganized-design.com

27 June 2011

I Love You Because...

Yesterday, Stu and I went to pick up the boys from Bible class (Stuart gets Tyson and I get Tucker: it's just the way we do it); I was standing at Tucker's door watching him put the finishing touches on what looked to be some sort of card.

Tucker's teacher: We're making cards on why we love you (mom) and Tucker said he loved you "just because."
Me: Alright.
Tucker's teacher: Giggling. Yup.

Sure enough, I get the card and the pre-made "I Love You Because" sticker is blank. Nothing. Not even "just because" written. Hmm.

So at lunch I bring this up to Stuart.

Me: Did you know that I got a blank sticker in my card?
Stu: Blank sticker?
Me: Yeah. "I Love You Because" NOTHING.
Stu: Oh. {hahahaha} Tucker, do you love mommy?
Tucker: Yes.
Stu: Why do you love her?
Tucker: Uhhhhh. Just because I do.
Stu: Is there anything that she does that you love?
Tucker: JUST BECAUSE daddy!
Stu: Do you love that mommy makes you dinner?
Tucker: Well. I love when she takes me to Pei Wei.
Stu: Ok. Do you always have clean clothes to wear?
Tucker: Yes.
Stu: Do you know how your clothes get clean?
Tucker: I put them in the dirty clothes hamper!
Stu: Well, yes you put them there (and good job) but how do they get clean? Does mommy wash them?
Tucker: The washing machine washes them da-dy! {duh}
Stu: Well, you've got a point there. Sorry honey, you're sticker's gonna be blank for awhile.

24 June 2011

Tyson sings again

{pardon the craziness of his room and the jiggling of the camera in the beginning, it was pretty early}

23 June 2011

Dear 16 Year Old Me

22 June 2011

Recently (in camera pics)

Tucker reading. Scout sleeping. Stuart's mini-me. Playing cars. 
Strong Tucker. Strong Tyson. The bolts Tucker took out of his bed. My re-organized shoes. 
Tuck-er. Hot. The closest I get to beer. Babysitting.

20 June 2011


playing electric man
thanks to CPS and the 6 hour power outage we had yesterday
(although the houses at the end of our street were without power for over 10 hours)

19 June 2011


Me and my Padre
 Tyson and his Daddy
 Tucker and his Daddy

Happy Father's Day!
We couldn't do it without our daddies!

17 June 2011

A Prayer

16 June 2011

May I have this dance?

15 June 2011


10 June 2011


Three years ago
our family was introduced to something new
when baby Kate was born!

We love you so much Princess Kate!
Happy 3rd Birthday!

09 June 2011

Is it really only Thursday?

I've been in a funk lately. Nothing terribly bad, but I haven't really had anything witty or amusing to share. Again, not that I think I am slap-stick funny, but for awhile there my life was quite the joke and I took great pleasure in sharing with you about all the oddities that were occurring in my crazy life. Currently it's just there.

Tuesday I finally got around to folding laundry. 6 loads to be exact. I'm pretty certain that I have shared with you my not-so-great relationship with the "L" word. I have no problem washing and drying things; it's the folding and putting them away that really makes me want to jump off a moving train. {Is that a saying? Stuart always makes fun of me because I mix sayings up and just completely make them up.}

Someday I'm also going to get around to cleaning the bathrooms. Do not be confused my adoring public! While I live and breath organization, cleaning is an entirely different thorn in my side. Bleh. But also don't confuse this with my house being dirty. BIG difference. I do vacuum daily, make my bed daily, do the dishes daily and make the downstairs look like we don't have children after 8:30 pm. Just don't rub your fingers across the tops of the pictures. You will most definitely find dust.

Tomorrow night Stuart and I are headed to a wedding. I think this might be the first wedding that we have attended together since our nuptials took place way back in 2002. (Holy moly this can't be right! Since I was IN both of my sister's weddings, those don't count. And I have attended several by myself while Stu stayed home with the boys. So, {thinking} yup, this will be our first. Wow.) The bride is a precious, precious girl that I mentored when she was in fifth grade. Now she's all grown up an about to be a wife!

Saturday the boys, my parents and I are headed to Dallas to celebrate baby Kate's third birthday. It's a princess party. Stuart has to stay home for work. Fuee.

My youngest sister has found 2 snakes on separate occasions in her bathroom this past week. OH.MY.WORD.

Oh, and when did it become June?

08 June 2011

{shaking of head}

Tucker: Mommy, you need to go to work.
(sidenote: Tucker is really interested in daycare. Mainly because we drive by one to get to our house and he thinks it's "so fun" that kids go there when their mommies and daddies have to go to work. Thus the inquisition about me working.)
Tyson: No! Mommy's job is to stay home with us!
Me: Yup!
Tyson: ...and do laundry and go to Walmart and cook dinner and go to Walmart.
{well, that's one way to put it}

07 June 2011

I Love You

{I found this on pinterest and it was too good to not share!}

06 June 2011

Proud to be

a Chesapeake employee
son that is

02 June 2011


I am a bit obsessed with the show So You Think You Can Dance.
I know. I know.
I am in no way, shape or form a dancer.
But I do love music and watching other people dancing.

This is what happens when the boys watch this show with me:

SYTYCD from Clarissa Doss on Vimeo.

01 June 2011