27 June 2011

I Love You Because...

Yesterday, Stu and I went to pick up the boys from Bible class (Stuart gets Tyson and I get Tucker: it's just the way we do it); I was standing at Tucker's door watching him put the finishing touches on what looked to be some sort of card.

Tucker's teacher: We're making cards on why we love you (mom) and Tucker said he loved you "just because."
Me: Alright.
Tucker's teacher: Giggling. Yup.

Sure enough, I get the card and the pre-made "I Love You Because" sticker is blank. Nothing. Not even "just because" written. Hmm.

So at lunch I bring this up to Stuart.

Me: Did you know that I got a blank sticker in my card?
Stu: Blank sticker?
Me: Yeah. "I Love You Because" NOTHING.
Stu: Oh. {hahahaha} Tucker, do you love mommy?
Tucker: Yes.
Stu: Why do you love her?
Tucker: Uhhhhh. Just because I do.
Stu: Is there anything that she does that you love?
Tucker: JUST BECAUSE daddy!
Stu: Do you love that mommy makes you dinner?
Tucker: Well. I love when she takes me to Pei Wei.
Stu: Ok. Do you always have clean clothes to wear?
Tucker: Yes.
Stu: Do you know how your clothes get clean?
Tucker: I put them in the dirty clothes hamper!
Stu: Well, yes you put them there (and good job) but how do they get clean? Does mommy wash them?
Tucker: The washing machine washes them da-dy! {duh}
Stu: Well, you've got a point there. Sorry honey, you're sticker's gonna be blank for awhile.


Tina said...

The honesty of children is so cute!