09 June 2011

Is it really only Thursday?

I've been in a funk lately. Nothing terribly bad, but I haven't really had anything witty or amusing to share. Again, not that I think I am slap-stick funny, but for awhile there my life was quite the joke and I took great pleasure in sharing with you about all the oddities that were occurring in my crazy life. Currently it's just there.

Tuesday I finally got around to folding laundry. 6 loads to be exact. I'm pretty certain that I have shared with you my not-so-great relationship with the "L" word. I have no problem washing and drying things; it's the folding and putting them away that really makes me want to jump off a moving train. {Is that a saying? Stuart always makes fun of me because I mix sayings up and just completely make them up.}

Someday I'm also going to get around to cleaning the bathrooms. Do not be confused my adoring public! While I live and breath organization, cleaning is an entirely different thorn in my side. Bleh. But also don't confuse this with my house being dirty. BIG difference. I do vacuum daily, make my bed daily, do the dishes daily and make the downstairs look like we don't have children after 8:30 pm. Just don't rub your fingers across the tops of the pictures. You will most definitely find dust.

Tomorrow night Stuart and I are headed to a wedding. I think this might be the first wedding that we have attended together since our nuptials took place way back in 2002. (Holy moly this can't be right! Since I was IN both of my sister's weddings, those don't count. And I have attended several by myself while Stu stayed home with the boys. So, {thinking} yup, this will be our first. Wow.) The bride is a precious, precious girl that I mentored when she was in fifth grade. Now she's all grown up an about to be a wife!

Saturday the boys, my parents and I are headed to Dallas to celebrate baby Kate's third birthday. It's a princess party. Stuart has to stay home for work. Fuee.

My youngest sister has found 2 snakes on separate occasions in her bathroom this past week. OH.MY.WORD.

Oh, and when did it become June?