27 February 2012

Party Preview

yup, Tucker's party was a rip-roaring success

20 February 2012

Tyson Q & A

same Q & A as Tucker but now with Tyson. Fun, fun!

C: What is something Mommy always says to you?
T: Ummm, I love you? Maybe I love you.
C: What makes me happy?
T: When we be good.
C: That does make me happy.
C: What makes me sad?
T: When we are not very nice to each other.
C: How does Mommy make you laugh? 
T: When you say jokes and things.
C: Like what kind of jokes?
T: Like, “Why did the goose kiss a moose?” And then you say, “because it’s alive!” Hahahahaha!
C: That is a silly joke, but I think that one’s from your daddy.
T: Yeah…
C: What was Mommy like as a child?
T: Kid? A child? MY age?
C: Yes, a child. Yes, your age.
T: You were MY age?
C: Yes. Mommy used to be a little girl just like you are a little boy.
T: But mommy, I am not little.
C: Well I know you aren’t little anymore. I mean that you are young.
T: Mom-my, I am SIX.
C: Ok, I get it. You are not little nor are you young.
T: Thank you.
C: How old am I?
T: I don’t know.
C: Mommy’s 31.
T: 31. 31?
C: How tall am I? 
T: I don’t know. About medium size feet maybe.
C: You mean feet and inches?
T: Yes.
C: What is my favorite thing to do? 
T: Stay home.
C: And do what?
T: And maybe work in the house? That’s what daddy does.
C: What does Mom do when you’re not around? 
T: Do whatever you want. Like you can go to the grocery store by yourself.
C: If I become famous, what will it be for?
T: What does famous mean?
C: Everybody knows you.
T: So everyone would know your name and say hi the correct way?
C: Kinda.
C: What am I really good at?
T: Folding laundry.
C: [ouch]
C: What am I not very good at?
T: Um, riding bikes.
C: What does Mommy do for my job?
T: Clean the house and fold the laundry and do what you need to do.
C: What is my favorite food?
T: Toast.
C: What makes you proud of me?
T: When you buy me Legos. That makes me very happy because I love Legos.
C: You do love Legos.
C: If I were a cartoon character, who would I be?
T: That’s a silly thing to ask.
C: I know!
T: Probably you would be Jerry if he was a girl.
C: From Tom and Jerry?
T: Yes!
C: What do you and I do together?
T: Go get ice cream!
C: How are you and I the same?
T: Hehe, why? We’re not the same!
C: Well, you are my son.
T: And you’re my mom. J
C: How are you and I different?
T: Because you’re a grown-up and I’m a kid.
C: How do you know I love you?
T: Because I’m your son.
C: Where is my favorite place to go?
T: Walmart. Or no, do you like to go to Walmart?
C: Well, I wouldn’t say that I like to go there but I do have to go a lot.
C: Thanks for answering my questions. Is there anything else you want to say?
T: No, am I done?
C: Yup.
T: Good. That was a funny questions.

19 February 2012

Cousin Time

Last weekend we made the trek to Coppell to have some cousin time; really Stuart was going hunting and I took advantage of his proximity to Dallas to make it into a fun trip for us all. :) The boys had a grand time playing with baby Kate and Joshua and baby Kate and Joshua were just as cute as ever. Oh and I got to visit with my middle sister!

The boys packed their own bags. Each had a pair of underwear, pair of pajamas, mooses and blankets. Ya' know, the essentials.
 Joshua eating a cookie from Mimi
 Kate and Aunt Kika playing (Kate has her Mimi lipstick on)

 The boys were fascinated with Kate's doctor kit

 Buds :)
 We headed to the mall for lunch and some indoor play; it was freezing outside!

 While Kate and Joshua napped, the boys got to play with their new Legos.
 After naps, Aunt Marci busted out some arts and crafts.
Time to make heart crayons!

 Waiting while the crayons melt...

 Isn't this adorable?!
 Coloring with our new creations.
 The reason behinde the trip-quail.
Yum (I hope).
*since I don't have an iphone (which I'm totally ok with), I don't have instragram (which I'm kinda bummed about). BUT I did download this fun picture app called picplz. I'm kinda diggin' it.

14 February 2012


Tyson: I'm in love with (fill in the blank with a girl's name from school).
Me: That's really nice that you like (so and so) so much but you aren't "in love" with her.
Tucker: I love YOU!
Me: Thank you booger. I love you too. Tyson, mommy's in love with daddy and mommy and daddy love you and Tucker. You love us and Mimi and Peepaw and Kate and Joshua but that's a different kind of love. You aren't quite old enough to be loving your friends.
Tucker: But MOMMY, God says to love our friends. That's what GOD says.
Tyson: Yeah, God says to love even our bad friends.
Stuart: Yeah MOMMY.
Me: Well...alright then.

07 February 2012

Valentine's Day is not about the Easter Bunny

and here's another just for fun

06 February 2012

My baby and his baby

Tucker REALLY wants to have a baby. Well, he really wants me to have a baby so that he can play with it and hold it and be and older brother. So much so that he asks for a baby when it comes to receiving gifts. Yeah...
Anywho, I got to watch my friend's baby today and Tucker was just beside himself.
He would make a good big brother, no?

Think my friend will let me keep him? ;)

03 February 2012

Public Service Announement

T: Mommy, why do you like Coke so much?
C: Well, I guess I like the taste.
T: [long pause] You sure do drink it a lot.
C: I know. Mommy needs to try and not drink it so much.
T: Why do you drink so much soda?
C: I'm not really sure buddy. It's a bad habit.
T: Daddy drinks soda too.
C: Yup.
T: You know you really shouldn't drink soda.
C: Yes, yes, I know.
T: You know why?
C: [goodness, let me count the ways...]
T: It's bad for your teeth. Really bad.
C: Correct!
T: You should drink milk or water like me. Those are good for your teeth.

Thank you Dental Awareness Month for this public service lashing from my SIX year old.

02 February 2012

Birthday Rundown

6:19 am: Tucker wakes up ready to go to school
6:20 am: Tucker spies his present on the bar and quickly takes to opening it.
6:21 am: Tyson can't contain himself and declares that HE HELPING Tucker.
6:55 am: I literally force food into the boy's mouths because they are too engrossed in Tuck's present.
7:24 am: I have to pull the boys out the door for school.
7:25 am: Tucker asked for the millionth time if he is going to to school now that it's his birthday.
7:25 am: I explain, again, that he has to wait just a few more months before he goes to school. But he will still be five when he starts school.
7:45 am: Sit in crazy fog and traffic trying to get to the store.
8:10 am: Finally disembark from the vehicle.
8:12 am: Tucker begins telling everyone in Walmart that it's his birthday. It was cute.
8:55 am: We settle on getting Tucker a monkey valentine balloon since Walmart only has Valentine's Day balloons. What's up with that?
9:48 am: My little five year old helper helps me unload the groceries.
9:50 am: Scout thinks it necessary to sniff every square inch of grass before doing her business.
9:59 am: I settle in to help Tuck finish his Lego Harry Potter house.
10:30 am: Load back up to get lunch.
10:53 am: Armed with McDonald's, we sign into Thornton ES.
11:00 am: Tyson arrives in the cafeteria.
11:01 am: The boys are absolutely giddy about eating at Tyson's school.
11:28 am: Say bye to Tyson (again).
11:32 am: Take a call from Aunt George.
11:33 am: Tucker squeals with delight about his birthday.
11:40 am: Take up previous Lego building position.
1:08 pm: Aunt Marci, baby Kate and Joshua sing Tuck happy birthday. He tries to show baby Kate his balloon thru the phone.
2:40 pm: Pick up Tyson from school.
2:51 pm: Commence Lego jealousy.
5:30 pm: Mimi and Peepaw arrive for dinner.
6:00 pm: Venison kabobs and fruit kabobs. Yum.
6:30 pm: Spider-man cupcakes. More yum.
6:32 pm: Tucker opens his present from Mimi and Peepaw.
6:33 pm: Sqealing and screaming and running around ensue.
7:25 pm: Meltdowns begin.
7:30 pm: Showers and teeth brushing and pajamas and books.
8:03 pm: Glorious sleep.
Happy Birthday big boy!

01 February 2012

Happy Birthday Tuck-Tuck!