19 February 2012

Cousin Time

Last weekend we made the trek to Coppell to have some cousin time; really Stuart was going hunting and I took advantage of his proximity to Dallas to make it into a fun trip for us all. :) The boys had a grand time playing with baby Kate and Joshua and baby Kate and Joshua were just as cute as ever. Oh and I got to visit with my middle sister!

The boys packed their own bags. Each had a pair of underwear, pair of pajamas, mooses and blankets. Ya' know, the essentials.
 Joshua eating a cookie from Mimi
 Kate and Aunt Kika playing (Kate has her Mimi lipstick on)

 The boys were fascinated with Kate's doctor kit

 Buds :)
 We headed to the mall for lunch and some indoor play; it was freezing outside!

 While Kate and Joshua napped, the boys got to play with their new Legos.
 After naps, Aunt Marci busted out some arts and crafts.
Time to make heart crayons!

 Waiting while the crayons melt...

 Isn't this adorable?!
 Coloring with our new creations.
 The reason behinde the trip-quail.
Yum (I hope).
*since I don't have an iphone (which I'm totally ok with), I don't have instragram (which I'm kinda bummed about). BUT I did download this fun picture app called picplz. I'm kinda diggin' it.