02 February 2012

Birthday Rundown

6:19 am: Tucker wakes up ready to go to school
6:20 am: Tucker spies his present on the bar and quickly takes to opening it.
6:21 am: Tyson can't contain himself and declares that HE HELPING Tucker.
6:55 am: I literally force food into the boy's mouths because they are too engrossed in Tuck's present.
7:24 am: I have to pull the boys out the door for school.
7:25 am: Tucker asked for the millionth time if he is going to to school now that it's his birthday.
7:25 am: I explain, again, that he has to wait just a few more months before he goes to school. But he will still be five when he starts school.
7:45 am: Sit in crazy fog and traffic trying to get to the store.
8:10 am: Finally disembark from the vehicle.
8:12 am: Tucker begins telling everyone in Walmart that it's his birthday. It was cute.
8:55 am: We settle on getting Tucker a monkey valentine balloon since Walmart only has Valentine's Day balloons. What's up with that?
9:48 am: My little five year old helper helps me unload the groceries.
9:50 am: Scout thinks it necessary to sniff every square inch of grass before doing her business.
9:59 am: I settle in to help Tuck finish his Lego Harry Potter house.
10:30 am: Load back up to get lunch.
10:53 am: Armed with McDonald's, we sign into Thornton ES.
11:00 am: Tyson arrives in the cafeteria.
11:01 am: The boys are absolutely giddy about eating at Tyson's school.
11:28 am: Say bye to Tyson (again).
11:32 am: Take a call from Aunt George.
11:33 am: Tucker squeals with delight about his birthday.
11:40 am: Take up previous Lego building position.
1:08 pm: Aunt Marci, baby Kate and Joshua sing Tuck happy birthday. He tries to show baby Kate his balloon thru the phone.
2:40 pm: Pick up Tyson from school.
2:51 pm: Commence Lego jealousy.
5:30 pm: Mimi and Peepaw arrive for dinner.
6:00 pm: Venison kabobs and fruit kabobs. Yum.
6:30 pm: Spider-man cupcakes. More yum.
6:32 pm: Tucker opens his present from Mimi and Peepaw.
6:33 pm: Sqealing and screaming and running around ensue.
7:25 pm: Meltdowns begin.
7:30 pm: Showers and teeth brushing and pajamas and books.
8:03 pm: Glorious sleep.
Happy Birthday big boy!