03 February 2012

Public Service Announement

T: Mommy, why do you like Coke so much?
C: Well, I guess I like the taste.
T: [long pause] You sure do drink it a lot.
C: I know. Mommy needs to try and not drink it so much.
T: Why do you drink so much soda?
C: I'm not really sure buddy. It's a bad habit.
T: Daddy drinks soda too.
C: Yup.
T: You know you really shouldn't drink soda.
C: Yes, yes, I know.
T: You know why?
C: [goodness, let me count the ways...]
T: It's bad for your teeth. Really bad.
C: Correct!
T: You should drink milk or water like me. Those are good for your teeth.

Thank you Dental Awareness Month for this public service lashing from my SIX year old.