25 August 2008

Round Two

Today was the first day of school (not for my children of course) but for all those that live around us and like to go outside and scream at precisely 12:30 pm (naptime). It started out like any other day, wake up at 6:30 to my trusty Tyson alarm clock and begin. This morning I had a dermatology appointment so we had to pack up and leave fairly soon after the boys awoke. Tyson loves going to the doctor; Tucker on the other-hand screamed at the top of his lungs because I strapped him into the stroller. I was "that mom" in the waiting room. Not-to-mention my dermatologist is in a massive complex that houses many other specialty doctors so almost everyone in Wichita Falls got to witness the collapse of my child. Wonderful.
Side note-does everyone with small children experience the older-generation-thinks-your-kids-are-their-grandchildren phase? It's sweet but when they start telling your kids that they love them I get the hibbie-jibbies.

We made it home with just enough time to play before daddy come home for lunch. It's amazing how when you walk thru your front door your children become normal and can funcition again. The afternoon went off fairly well until we got a call from our realtor...

Last Tuesday our offer on a house here in WF was accepted-yeah! Unfortunely as soon as the seller signed the contract she called and had her utilities turned off (they are to be left on as per the contract). So when the housing inspector showed up on Friday to do his inspection, he couldn't. Some phone calls later and we learn the story and are reassured that everything will be back on today and the inspection can be tomorrow. Our realtor went by the house this afternoon to make sure everything was back on, which they were EXCEPT for the electricity! Seriously? They HOPE to get the electricity up by Thursday. I am so over house buying. BUT here are some pics of our hopefully-soon-to-be-house!

The front view

Living room
Dining room


Rebecca said...

I love the new house!!! The built in storage is amazing!! Congrats!!!

Brittany Skloss said...

How exciting! Congratulations and I love the built-ins too!