10 October 2009


So yesterday was my hubby's 31 st birthday. Yea. 31 years that brilliant man has been alive and sharing is plethora of knowledge with total strangers. So what did we do to celebrate? Here's a rundown of the day:

Worked Thurs night 7 pm-7am
Got home at 7:21 am
Sang happy birthday to daddy and presented him with cards
Stuart promptly left for school at 7:47 am
I went about doing dishes, folding laundry and cleaning the boys' bathroom
Stuart gets home from school at 9:13 am, bringing with him breakfast (!)
Eat breakfast
I pass out in bed at 10:03 am
Stuart takes the boys to get haircuts and trys to find a talking Transformer
I wake up at 11 am so that I can be at HR at 11:30 am
I become an official employee of United Regional Health Care System (no more temp employment and I get shift diff and I get benefits-hooray!)
Meet the boys at the Gucci grocery store for some birthday night preparations and lunch
Nap time for the boys and The Office time for the adults
I pass out again at 2:30 pm
The boys scream and shout and then head to an eatery for dinner and indoor play
I wake up at 7 pm to an empty house
The boys come home and we tidy up for friends to come over
7:52 pm friends knock on the door
Enjoy some adult beverages and children play time
10 pm friends leave, boys go to bed, adult Survivor time
12 am crash into bed again

Wasn't that fantastic? Isn't it amazing how a couple years totally changes the celebratory patterns of our lives?

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Jennifer W. said...

Sounds like a smashing success :)