21 October 2009

I am not

You may have noticed the lack of blogging this month...I know, I know. It's just been a month. So I thought I would summarize a bit for you.

I'm not going to tell you how someone very close to Stuart forgot his birthday (NOT me) and kinda set me off.
I'm not going to tell you about hyperventilating when we didn't get our GI Bill money for the second month in a row since there is an extremely large amount of people trying to use the GI Bill this semester and somehow they just couldn't keep up.
I'm not going to tell you about the fact that I am now officially a hospital employee and to celebrate I got called to come in to work every day that week.
I'm not going to tell you about how over H1N1 I am. Ugh.
I'm not going to tell you about how not fun work was this weekend including coming in early twice, multiple MVA's, a house fire burn patient, the dog bite and the 6-7 hour wait time.
I'm not going to tell you about both times that Stuart put the boys down for a nap and found Tucker moments later covered in poo. So not going to tell you about that.
I'm not going to tell you about Stuart's brother coming into town and Tyson waking up while we were outside imbibing and opened the front door to look for us.
I'm not going to tell you about Stuart figuring out how to "break into" our phones and downloading new operating systems for both.
I'm not going to tell you about opening the windows all day long and finally being able to play outside without worry of bringing in gallons of mud.

I will however tell you about Tucker calling Stuart's brother "Grandpa" the entire time he was here even though Stuart has exponentially more gray hair (in fact I don't think his brother has any) and going pee-pee in the potty for the first time.

Shout Outs:
Cheese grater-fun and cost effective.
Socks-colored socks to be exact. :)
Mowing for the last time this year-not much better than that.


Raena said...

WOW! Well I'm NOT going to tell you that maybe next month will be better. :) Love ya girl, bigs hugs from us!

Brittany said...

That's so funny that he called Stuart's brother Grandpa. Hilarious! Also, since you can sew one line your sewing skills are one step ahead of mine. Can you teach me? I am definitely sewing disabled. Some day I am determined to learn, though!