22 July 2011


Yesterday, Tyson decided to wake up before 5 am. He came running into our room complaining of having a bad dream. I was so confused and asleep that I just let him crawl into our bed. BIG MISTAKE. While I loved having him snuggle up next to me, the child NEVER went back to sleep. He would lay very still then BAM! start talking to me. It didn't help that Scout then woke up at 5:30 and vomited in the hallway and Stuart got out of bed at 5:45 to get ready for work. The worst part? He then also got up at 5:30 this morning and was raring to go! Yeehaw!

30 more days till Tyson starts kindergarten. THIRTY DAYS. I'm not sure I even understand the magnanimity of this. My baby, my oldest offspring is about to leave me. This is just the beginning. In a mere 30 days our lives are going to be turned upside down. Tucker's going to have one-on-one time with me. Tyson's going to start learning about the world. And I'm gonna cry-a lot.

I'm not complaining about the glorious rain that we have gotten this week, really I'm not. What I'm complaining about is the lack of anything in our backyard; so that when that magical wet stuff hits our yard, we get mud. Lots of it. And do you know what happens when you mix mud and 4 dogs? (yes, 4 dogs. We have been watching my parent's dogs while they are out of town this week) 16 paws. 16 paws that walk thru the mud and bring said offensiveness in the house. And on the couches. And on the rug. And everywhere I turn. See? I'm not complaining about the rain at all. It's the dirt & water mixture that I'm ready to strangle.

Have you ever heard of the wive's tale that if you take the height of your child (or anyone) at the age of 2 and then multiply that by 2, you will get the predicted adult height of said person? No? Me neither. So when my friend told me about it, I had to look up the boys stats and get a glimmer of what our/their future holds! Tyson was 34.5 inches tall at 2: 34.5 X 2 = 69 / 12 = 5'8". Tucker was 37 inches tall at 2: 37 X 2 = 74 / 12 = 6'2". Innnnttteeerrreesstttinnnng. Now, I can totally see Tucker being tall. There's not much height in the Doss family (Stu is only 5'10") but my father is 6'1" and my grandmother was about 5'9". But Tyson being only 3 inches taller than me? I don't see that.

Tucker desperately wants a bay brother or sister. I mean, desperately! Ever time he gets remotely close to a baby he wants to hold them and kiss them and talk to them and then goes on and on to me about how much he wants a baby too. This morning he told me that he wants a baby just like baby Kate (his oh-so-adorable cousin). He would "love her and hold her and feed her carrots." Wow. He I think he's totally ready for babysitting!


Amy said...

I'm feeling your pain on the whole "kinder" thing! I have NO idea what Jordan and I are going to do all day long without Allison! They entertain each other SO well now!