09 July 2011

A Post! And Links! And not much else!

  1. You might have noticed my lack of posting over the past few weeks...what can I say? Life happens.
  2. Thursday, I folded and put away 7 loads of laundry.
  3. Friday, I washed and dried 6 more loads.{Sigh.}
  4. Today, I need to fold and put away those 6 loads. {Groan.}
  5. We finally joined the land of civilization and bought Sea World passes. :)
  6. Stu and I have watched almost every episode of Bath Crashers in the past week and I have visions of tubs and tile in my sleep. 
  7. Rachael posted a new note about Luke. Read it here.
  8. Please continue to pray and support (if you feel so inclined) my good friend and her husband as they continue their adoption journey. You can read more here and "Like" it here.
  9. Tucker slept in big boy underwear for two nights in a row and woke up dry. Last night, I went into check on him and he had peed thru everything. Bummer.
  10. Today, I need to wash and dry 3 more loads of laundry. {Hooray!}