05 October 2008

Tucker Tucker Tucker

So my loving, adorable, precious one and a half year old is a stinker! He is soooo much harder than Tyson. He gets into everything, he climbs on everything, he is fearless, he literally attacks everything that he does and usually ends up falling head first. Gotta love him!

Since we have been moving, I have let a lot of things slide because I'm either unpacking and just don't have the energy or care to "guide" him. SO here are the top three headliners from the tornado that is known as Tucker:

While letting the dog out he very neatly removed ALL the files from the filing cabinet (because it's still in the living room) and *organized* all the papers in a mosaic around the living room. (I still have yet to reorganize and put away)

While unpacking, Tucker found a sharpie and with an expert hand left his mark on the kitchen cabinets and the walls in the dining room (the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has gotten most of it up, but it takes a lot of elbow grease)

While we were playing outside, I came inside to say hi to Stuart and left my cell phone outside. When I returned my phone was in my sweet son's hands and turned off. No biggie. Hit end to turn back on. Nothing. Hit end again. Nothing. Hmm, maybe it needs to be plugged in. Plug in. Nothing. "Stuart!!" After taking my entire phone apart, my handy husband deducted that Tucker had bent the phone so much that he severed something that controls something else and therefore my phone is fried.

How does this kid do it?

On a sweet note, he didn't take a nap today so he fell asleep on his daddy around 5:45 pm. Doesn't he look like an angel?

We tried to wake him up to eat and this is what happened....


Brooks said...

Oh my gosh! Tucker is too much! I love the pics :-)