03 November 2008

Blessed Sleep

When I was younger I adored daylight savings. I mean, who doesn't want an extra hour of sleep? Plus the whole when it was midnight it was really only 11 pm so I could stay out an extra hour. Those where the days. Now things are a little different. As one of my friends so aptly coined it, "whomever invented daylight savings did not have kids." Seriously. I knew we were going to have a hard time with this since last year it took about two weeks for the boys to get back on schedule. Luckily, Sunday was Stuart's morning to get up with the boys! I prepared him, but he wasn't quite ready for the 5:15 am wake up call. Ahh, blessed sleep.
The rest of the day pretty much followed the same awful guidelines. Tucker fell asleep around 9 am (which meant no nap in the afternoon). They were both ready to eat lunch at 10:30 am...etc. Both the boys were the definition of crabby and neither could be consoled with anything other than candy from Halloween. I never thought I would be one of those parents that gave in so quickly, but when you have a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old that have been screaming and crying for 2 hours straight and don't want to to anything you'll do just about anything for some peace. That lasts exactly 5 minutes or until the candy becomes a complete mess and isn't edible anymore.
Side note-along with the inventor of daylight savings not having any kids, they also conveniently placed it after the biggest sugar induced holiday. Come on.
We did have fun this weekend though. My parents and one of my sisters and her boyfriend came to visit. Although we had to share one shower (Stuart is still working on the second one) it was so nice to have people at MY house. Of course the boys were beside themselves to see Mimi and Peepaw plus they got to wear costumes.
My sister's boyfriend brought us some buffalo steaks (long story) and we grilled them on Sunday night. They were awesome! If you have never had buffalo-try it! Thanks SH!!
And lastly, here are some pics from the last few weeks....