02 March 2012

Five Things Friday

  1. Yesterday we said a tearful goodbye to Scout. I really didn't expect to get as emotional as I did, but oh my gracious, I was a weeping mess all day long. When we first got Scout in February of 2009, she weighed 36 pounds at 8 months old. She had been tied up outside, left to fight another dog for food. She was emaciated, "beaten" up, sad, and in need of TLC. Scout quickly gained weight, her wounds healed and she became a full-fledged member of our family. Recently though, Scout began attacking our older lab, Turbo. None of the attacks every drew blood and seriously hurt him, but they were becoming more frequent and over seemingly nothing. I was having a really hard time dealing with the attacks and so we made the decision to find a new home for Scout. We were amazed at how quickly she was placed and I truly believe her new family is a good fit for her: they have 4 kids, no other dogs and previously owned a Great Dane. I can't tell you how many times I told Stuart that I wanted to get rid of Scout for one reason or another, but when it came down to actually letting her go, it was really, really hard. 
  2. Stu and I going on a date tonight. Hallelujah!
  3. The boys are spending the night at their cousin's house tonight. Why in the world it has taken us this long to swap overnight-date-childcare, I'll never know. But we are all so excited!
  4. Y'all there are now white chocolate m&ms. Oh my gracious.
  5. The high today is 83*. It's March 2nd. This can't be good.