07 December 2012

December: Day 5

My baby was in his very first recital or pageant or musical or public appearance at church last weekend. Every year grades 1-5 put on a "kid's praise." In fact, I was in Kid's Praise when I was younger. So, so fun. Even better, the director from my Kid's Praise is the same director that Tyson has. Amazing.
This year's theme was Angel's Aware. So aptly, they were all dressed as angels.
Isn't he a doll?

Tyson is just to the left of the main character. Obviously he's trying to figure out why that other little boy is frowning. ;)

Second from the left.

Yeah, I don't know...

He did so good and it was so sweet to see his sweet face on stage!

Here's a little video of one of the songs from the program. It was Tyson's favorite song and always wanted to sing it in the car. He's on the front row, center, in front of the director and just to the left of a little girl with red hair. That's my baby!