22 February 2013


life rearranged
This might be the world's most vain post.
The majority of my pictures this week are of myself.
But the reason is a good one: I had neck surgery last Thursday.
I had an artificial disc replacement at C5.
Thus the majority of my pictures are documenting my neck collar.
This would also be a good time to point out that if you do not want to be exposed to incisions, stop right now. :)

A few hours after surgery.

Hello feet.

Going home!

My big boy.

4 Dosses in a bed.

Scar is looking gnarly.

My hands are pretty swollen, still.

 So, on Monday, Tucker came down with RSV. PERFECT timing. Thus he got to play hookie with mamma.

I'm standing. And totally wearing the same pajamas.

Hookie day...whatever. He got to go to work with daddy this time.

 Discharge instructions. COMICAL. Thank you RSV.

What I am currently wearing. Y'all, I have no words for myself.
Happy Friday!