26 July 2013


I'm not even going to pretend to guess how behinde I am.
(I think it's two weeks)
Life has been happening at super sonic speed and frankly I'm having a hard time keeping up.
But I have been taking pictures!
Hallelujah for phones otherwise I would have no recollection of the past few weeks.

My nephew is delicious. And I totally made that onesie. :)

This was Sunday. I was rocking my hubby's company.

My houndstooth mani. Y'all, nail polish strips are amaze-balls.

Texas chicken pot pie. (For a friend who had a baby)

Have you joined the Gussy Club? I'm also rocking my Lisa Leonard earrings. Two plugs in one!

Final swim meet.

Cousins playing at grandma's house.

I love this girl. :)

Stuart was stealing the ottoman. Not cool.

I'm calling this my rockstar mani. (if you're counting, this is "fun" mani #3)

Words can not begin to describe this day. My parents moved. {deep breaths}

My niece is the coolest.

Tyson has been working on his Star Wars paper airplanes all summer. And he's sporting my Ags.

So this happened Sunday night. At approximately 9 pm.

My baby is not a baby anymore. Hold me.

Those boxes magically turned into this! (Try not to stare too long at the walls, it's a work in progress)

It's a good combo: Chesapeake and Tootsie Roll Pops.

Oh yes, I'm addicted. Mani #4 and maybe my fave.

One should always have to cut chocolate cake with a steak knife. Always.

Tucker finally got to see his Hannah. They practically walked into the movies like this.

Reminiscing: sweet, newborn Tyson. How have 7.5 years passed already?!

Happy Friday y'all!
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