15 February 2014

Tucker's Minecraft Party

I'm sure that most people know what Minecraft is but y'all, this game is taking over our lives. Legos still have the number one spot but Steve and Creepers and The Nether and diamond swords are very much in the number two spot.

Tucker's birthday fell on a Saturday this year and thus he was adamant that he have a party ON his birthday. Luckily for me I waited till the weekend before his birthday to really sit down and plan a party. It was no surprise that Tucker was GOING to have a Minecraft party.

Insert Pinterest.

{aside, one of my best friends does not have a Pinterest account. She's crazy.}

So I googled Minecraft images and created an invite.
Minecraft font here.

Then I started creating my lists...
Saturday came and my house was transformed.

It began with a creeper shirt for myself. $5 green t-shirt and some fabric paint.

For all the place cards, I googled images and then created them in Photoshop.
Water = blue jello 

Obsidian = Oreos
Raw Fish = Swedish Fish
Red Stone = Cherry Sours
Trapdoors = Square pretzels

TNT = Red & Black Twizzlers
(cut in half, white piece of paper taped to hold)

Gold = Hershey's Nuggets
Swords made from printing out images, gluing on foam board and cutting out.

Mushrooms = Giant Marshmallows dipped in red candy melts with spinkles

Fish = Goldfish

Cake table

I made this horrendous looking cake. But it tasted good!

Creeper gift bags.
(Green bags, printed a creeper face as a template and cut faces out of black construction paper)

Melon = Grapes

Blocks = Rice Krispy Treats

I made three batches of rice krispies. I added food coloring to make them black and brown.


Entire food table

Front door

Happy birthday boy!

Minecraft Cardboard heads here.
Minecraft poster here.


Brooks Family said...

You did such a great job!