24 August 2010


Stuart has 3 interviews in 3 days
That's right.
His first one was yesterday in Houston.
Since I had to work this weekend, he and the boys loaded up on Sunday and drove to Conroe so that my SIL could watch the boys for us yesterday while Stu went into Houston.
Day 1: Houston
They all headed home yesterday evening, just in time for me to unpack ad start some laundry.
Today Stuart has an interview in Midland.
Though it's not for a job in Midland.
It's for a job in Carrizo Springs.
(or chorizo springs as I call it)
The manager is in Midland (along with Stu's brother) for some sort of conference/gathering.
Day 2: Midland
Stuart then has an interview with the Midland manager tomorrow morning.
After his interview, he's going to rush home so that I can get some sleep before working Wed and Thu nights.

Friday we are setting off for San Antonio for some family time.
And to celebrate Stuart's grandparent's anniversary.
And an early Labor Day.
Weekend: San Antonio

Roundtrip: 2109.2 miles


Amy said...

Houston would love to have you! We know some great stuff on the SE side if you end up here! ;)

Raena said...

i vote for Carrizo Springs! Its closest to home!