11 November 2011

On Being a Veteran

I never really thought about the fact that Stuart is/was a veteran until he got out of the military. While he was in, I was so focused on the day to day drama that it never really dawned on me what an honor and privalege it is to call him a veteran.

While he was enlisted, he was never deployed.
He only served at two bases.
We moved 7 times.
We had two beautiful children.
We met amazing people.
We struggled.
We had to ask for help.
We saw promotions.
We worked really hard.

Being a part of such an organization is both amazing and incredibly difficult.
But I look back at those first years and am so thankful for them. Those years helped shape us. Without those difficult times, we would not be the people, the couple, the family that we are now. I truly am thankful for the military. I know without a shadow of a doubt that's where we were supposed to be. I am even more than thankful for my veteran. For those in our family that have also been graced with that title.

Thank you just doesn't seem like enough.

{pardon the fact that this video is from a Super Bowl game but I thought it was pretty cool to have all the branches of the military showcased}