15 November 2011


Today it rained. Thank you Lord! And hailed. And blew all sorts of things around, but it rained!

Today I prayed that the power wouldn't go out till I went to bible class because I needed to use my oven. And dry my hair.

Today I used my new hair dryer for the first time. It's the little things people.

Today we got to bless a sweet soul and her new baby-to-be in bible class. There were lots of teary eyes and lots of yummy food.

Today I got to view my sister-in-law's fantastic family pictures and came home to email her photographer. They really were great photos.

Today Tucker dressed himself to look like daddy. He picked out practically the same shirt Stuart was wearing as he walked out the door.

Today I realized that I really miss cold weather.

Today I got to hug one of my sweet friends. I sure do love her.

Today I need to do laundry. Downer.

Today I'm making pancakes for dinner. :)