15 January 2012

This and That

christmas is officially, officially down
my marvelous husband braved the ladder and scaled the house to pull down the lights outside
he's a whole lot braver than me
he then made a bumper of sorts so that when i pull my minivan in the garage, it will stop at the appropriate place
i love him
a lot
the boys are happily coloring right now
their conversation in hilarious
when they color or play, they talk to each other in play voices and characters
it's a hoot
tucker has the hiccups which makes the whole exchange even more funny
we joined the rest of the modern world and finally purchased leather couches 
oh my gracious
they are divine
i so, so wish we could have purchased leather when we first got married or when the boys were younger
but i'm happy that we have them now
we also purchase a new rug
we've (really i've) been rearranging furniture to add the new couches to our arsenal
it's super fun
i have all these visions of what i want our house to look like
thanks pinterest!
hopefully some of the visions will actually materialize
i have 5 loads of laundry to fold and put away
i also have a load in the dryer, a load in the washer and a load that needs to be started
if i could hire someone to do anything for me, 
it would be someone to do my laundry
i also need to dust and clean the bathrooms
but that can wait another day
right now i'm enjoying the relative quiet in my house
and my husband being home
that is all.