08 March 2012


So you knew that this was coming sooner or later right?
Weight and Height Comparisons that is.

Tucker recently had his 4 year vaccinations (I know! I'm just a year late on those. Bad mom.) So I know his weight and height are spot on. Tyson was weighed with our own scale and measured on the closet door. Everyone has that too right? A door with ticks and names/dates showing each child's height. No? Alrighty then.

Height Comparison in inches

Weight Comparison in pounds
There are several things I find so interesting:

  1. Tucker is still bigger than Tyson (at the same age). I am pretty sure Tucker will be taller and heavier than Tyson in the not-so-distant future.
  2. Tucker officially weighs more than Tyson. Amazing.
  3. Do you see the difference in weight for the same age between the two? Crazy!
  4. I slacked and have not figured out the median weight for boys in awhile and obviously never researched it for height. Oh well.