15 May 2012

First World Pains

OK, so I'm addicted to twitter.
And facebook.
And instagram.
And blogs/blogging.

One of my favorite hash-tags (who knew this would be terminology nowadays?) is #firstworldpains. I have to admit, at first, I didn't get it. Why is it funny that the battery is low on our phone, so we have to listen to the radio on a radio? Or is it really comical that we're in bed and realize we have to go to the bathroom but getting up would require us to wake up all the way?

Yes, yes it is.

So, in order to not fill up my friends, followers feeds with my nonsense, I decided to add it here.

My First World Pains:

  • I'm allergic to oranges, so I can't have mimosas. 
  • I just shaved my legs and then get a chill and get goosebumps. 
  • I took the sheets off the bed to wash them and at bedtime realize I haven't put fresh sheets on.
  • We started remodeling the bathroom 6 months ago and the light fixture is hanging by wires.
  • My husband's beverages are too tall for the fridge shelf, so I have to rearrange everything to make them fit.

First world pains!


Andrea said...

I love those things.

Jessica said...

at least you aren't allergic to champagne! (And it's great with cranberry juice.)