26 April 2013


life rearranged
Today is Battle of Flowers.
Never heard of it?
Yeah, me neither till we moved to San Antonio and found out it's a city holiday.
Oh and so the boys don't have school either.
Regardless, we'll carry on and I *might* be nice and let the boys get a small Lego set at Target this morning.
Because everyone needs to go to Target for something, right?!

I can push my nose all the way down, can you?


One mailbox. Lisa Leonard. Honest Co. Too much goodness!
Finished She Reads Truth | Prayer in the Bible. (and Hosea just started!) 

We have a program at church called Agape Trail that helps transition 5th graders (Bibleland) to 6th grade (Student Ministries). I remember being a mentor 12 years ago and this year we were blessed to be a part of my niece's "corral." This particular evening was the reveal service where we all gathered to show her who has been praying for her and sending her encouragement over the past year. The service ended with her parents washing her feet. Such a beautiful night and beautiful niece!

After Agape Trail, we proceeded to my SIL's house. Tucker ended up stuck in a tree and Tyson took his shirt off to be like the older boys. (sorry for the poor, pixelated quality!)

Tucker: It's our house with me and daddy and Tyson playing video games and the bedroom upstairs and the UFO.
Alrighty then.

 I totally stole this picture from @thenester!

Oh May 4th, why you gotta be so mean?
4 MAJOR events.
4 DIFFERENT cities.

I admit: I LOVE FOOD.

Soccer practice. These kids make me laugh.

So this little guy has been hanging around our neighborhood for over two weeks. Stuart has stopped a few times to try and pick him up and he finally came to him Wednesday night. He's a nice looking guy but barks non-stop and would not leave our dog alone. Unfortunately we had to call Animal Control because we couldn't keep him but we also couldn't watch him suffer outside alone. I did post pics to fb and Stuart posted an add on Craigslist to try and find his owners, but no luck. :(

Yes, "ammo" is on my grocery list.

Green chevron wrapping paper at Target Dollar Spot? {swoon} 

We totally said yes to the random tree trimmers that knocked on our door last night asking if we needed any services. 

But look! The tree isn't touching the house anymore!

That's it folks! Happy Friday!


Jordana Haught said...

Be careful of tree trimmers that go door to door. :-(