01 April 2013

Stitch Fix

Y'all, I'm going to embark on something that is so out of my league and comfort zone it makes me want to run and hide.
Particularly clothes on ME.
I am the first to admit that my fashion sense is lack-luster at best. 
(which is totally why I started my What I WANT to Wear Wednesday post)
With that in mind, one of the blogs that I read also participates in this thing called Stitch Fix.
No it's not a sewing website, although that would be a cute name.
To sum it up, it's an online stylist.
You fill out a profile, and a stylist pulls 5 items based on your wants and needs and mails that to you to try.
You get the fun box, try things on and then decide what to keep or send back (in the prepaid envelope).
There's a styling fee that is credited to the purchase price of anything you keep.
After every fix, you can change and update your profile to cater to your needs better.
Super fun right?!

So I got my first fix last week!

Obviously, I don't know how to stand to take pictures of myself.
So there's that.
I asked for shirts, dresses and accessories.
I also said that I don't like to show my arms, so please no sleeveless.
I really loved what the stylist picked out but obviously there were some quirks.
And aren't the little cards that show you how to wear the items genius?
Yeah, I thought so too.

The red boat neck shirt was a jersey material so it showed all my rolls. 
Not so good.
But it did fit my chest very well (which is totally a problem area).

The polka dot button down was my second favorite item but it pulled just a bit at the top button.

I really did not like the blousey, see thru, neck-tie shirt. It just wasn't my thing.

My favorite was the blue wrap dress. 
Although in this picture I look pregnant.

I loved the scarf!

So what do you think?
Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?


Jordana Haught said...

Um this is SOOOO COOOL! I am ready to be out of maternity clothes so I can start this!!!