29 March 2013


life rearranged

Hey. Hello there. How are 'ya?
If you didn't already know, today is Friday.
Good Friday to be exact.
Which means that the kids are out of school.
And it also means that we are that much closer to celebrating our risen Lord!
I love, love, love Easter.
For all that it means and stand for.
Plus it's really cute to dress the boys in matching spring outfits (a hardship these days as they get bigger and grow opinions on what they should be wearing).
But that's all to come this weekend.

So here's our week, in instagram.

Celebrating my mom's birthday.

My co-op pick-up. Yum!

We take shooting seriously and feel it's important to teach the boys gun safety NOW. Plus I feel much better when Stuart's out of town knowing I can defend my family.

They're so cute.

Photo by Tyson. It is SO RARE to have a picture of us together. But man, do I love this man!

This WAS my scanning bin. It's now EMPTY!

Tyson learning how to type. Isn't he 2?!

Oh this boy. I could eat him up.

She Read Truth. Holy Week. Day 3.

Soccer practice. Still learning how to kick with the inside of his foot. But he looks cute!

Turbo's new tag from HugaPugStudios on etsy. I love it!

She Read Truth. Holy Week. Day 5.

Happy Friday y'all!
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