12 March 2013

Pinterest Finds

I have this love-hate relationship with pinterest.
Don't we all?
I think it's one of the most amazing websites and I can't believe it took this long for someone to virtualize binders of torn out magazine pages. 
And I love, love, love all the inspiration of ideas that I find.
But, I get so overwhelmed. 
And then I feel like such a failure because I don't have an adorable DIY house and the boys don't have these over-the-top parties and I have yet to make a recipe that I have pinned.
With that said, I still keep going back because, come on!
It's pinterest.
And how can you stay away?

I really don't decorate my house for holidays other than Christmas. 
Although I really want to. 
My SIL does this fantastic Easter party every year and her house and yard are amazing.
But that's neither here nor there.

Here are a few Easter pins that I have.

HE is the reason!

I really want to create a chalkboard wall.


Cute wreath.

I'm clarissadoss if you want to check out my other pins!


Brittany said...

Those are all adorable!