06 March 2013

Height and Weight and Other Sundries

So last night I decided that I needed to rectify this whole non-blogging thing I have going on. {deep breath} I love blogging. It's so fun to put down what is going on in our albeit, boring-everyday lives. It's a good way to keep track of my emotions. So on and so forth.

And why not end the hiatus with a height and weight comparison of the boys? You know that I love graphs!

Height Comparison in Inches

Weight Comparison in Pounds
*You should note: all children are different. My boys just happen to be on the abnormally large size. But hey, their growth curves look nice, no?

And a few desk items:

  • Can you say a prayer for my sister? Her pug passed away last night very unexpectedly. While this is very sad, my sister is also pregnant so her emotions are in overdrive.
  • Can you also say a prayer for Luke and his parents? Today Luke is having yet another big heart surgery. 
  • Last but certainly not least, have you checked out She Reads Truth? Amazing bible study, Godly women, excellent {online} fellowship. AND a new study starts TODAY!