15 March 2013


life rearranged

First and foremost:
Happy 39th Anniversary to my sweet parents!
They are such an amazing example of love and honor.
I am so blessed to call you mom and dad. :)

And now, our week...

Hello Daylight Savings!

We totally ate lunch at Target. And yes that did include popcorn.

I'm officially a soccer mom. And my boy are THE MOST HANDSOME. :)

They're all mine.

Someone had to go to the vet and refused to lay down completely. I guess I'll give him a pass now.

The weather has been gorgeous this week, so fort building and book reading and outdoor play were a must.

They were determined to fit in the car cart. Together. Mission accomplished.

Someone likes mayonnaise. I don't.

I do however like wrapping paper. And the Dollar Spot. And Target.

This is why we buy kids sugary snacks right?!


Reading partner.

Insomnia rules.

Cleaning the faucets and shower heads with CLR. Ewww.

Seriously. JUST ALIKE.

I confess: I am addicted to beef jerky.

Happy Friday y'all!


Ellie said...

Lol! Your son does resemble your husband, just a little! My boys are still small enough to fit two at a time to the car cart, but I have three. Whole new set of problems! My boys all have J names, and we accidentally named our dog with a J name too. Guess we both like to stick to a theme!

Ellie said...

Me again--had to mention that wrapping paper. Love it! I'd like to follow you on Instagram if you would share your name! Thanks!

Amanda said...

I swear I thought you had posted my parents' wedding picture! It looks just like that! I will have to try to find it. SMH So crazy!

PS I don't like mayo either. Yuck! :-)