03 January 2014


I had these grand plans of re-instituting this here blog 'o mine.
Yeah, that didn't happen.
I really wanted to "come back" with a flourish and give new life to Me and My Boys.
Again, that didn't happen.
Here's the thing:
I really do like to blog.
If no one else reads this space, it's still an area where I can express myself and document my little family.
(because there are so few other ways to document life)
But I let things slip.
I get caught up in what I think are meaningless posts and then don't post them because who reads them anyway?
I do.
And my mom does.
And I think my sisters do.
So, here's my attempt at reviving my chunk of the cyber world.
(even if it's 3 days into the new year)

Happy Christmas!
Happy New Year!


Jordana Haught said...

I read!!!! :-) Love you