03 January 2014


life rearranged

This *week may contain pictures from last week too. 
And maybe the week before that as well.
That's just how I'm gonna roll today.

Our anniversary is December 28 (as is Stuart's brother's) and Stuart's sister's anniversary is December 27, so for the past few years we have swapped kids so that we can each have overnight childcare for our special days. It's pretty fantastic. This year Stu and I didn't really have anything big planned (by choice) so we just went to dinner and then Starbucks. We finished off the night in the comfort of our own, kid-free home. It was blissful.

They have spent almost every possible minute playing the PS3. What's Christmas vacation for?

My list. They make me happy.

For our Christmas and anniversary gift to each other, we got a new dining room set. It's officially our first grown up purchase. Eeek!

Happy 2014!

Yesterday the girls came over. Sweet Hannah got a baby doll for Christmas and this is the picture of when she showed Tucker. Y'all, they might be the sweetest kiddos ever.

I love nail polish. 
 Another day, another electronic device.

I made my grandmother's peanut brittle. Yes I am allergic. 


11 years.

Not gonna lie, I'm not that sad to see 2013 go.

Happy Birthday to me!

Dear Santa... (Tyson on left, Tucker on right)

I also love socks.

One of my FAVORITE parts of Christmas is receiving and displaying cards. 

And that was our week(s). 
Happy Friday!
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Abby said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!! Your wedding pictures are so pretty. :) I am a lover of nail polish too, and I love your sparkly mani, so festive!
Have a happy weekend!

xo Always, Abby