17 February 2014

Manic Monday

So I always see these quizzes floating around facebook and I think some are hilarious (but I RARELY post the results because honestly who wants to have their feed filled with useless information like which Downton Abbey character you are?)
I still think they're funny to take.
So I took a few this morning.

First up, what accent do I have?
Apparently, North Central.
I find this amazing considering that I have spent the majority of my life in Texas and I do have a twang.
I also find it incredibly fascinating that one of the towns listed on this map is "Chisholm" and that is my maiden name. Coincidence?

Next up, which Downton Abbey character am I?
Matthew Crawley.
Now, to be fair, the quiz did not ask my gender.
I do find it a little sad that this shows me as dead though.

Finally, what state should I live in?
Originally when I took this several months ago, the quiz showed that West Virginia was the ideal state for me. West. Virginia.
Today however, the Great Lakes were the answer. 
Considering that my accent is Minnesotan, I think this to be quite fitting.

And just for the record, we have no plans on moving out of the state.