03 November 2010

11 Things I Love about November

  1. The smells. Oh how I adore pumpkins and spices and all things fall!
  2. The weather. Although south Texas doesn't really have seasons, November is when we finally start to feel like breathing and being outside.
  3. My birthday is only a month over. (On a side note, I am turning 30 this year. THIRTY.)
  4. Hot chocolate. But I have to admit that I drink this all year round. :)
  5. Wearing socks because I actually need to.
  6. Being able to raid your child's Halloween candy. 
  7. Watching the leaves turn.
  8. Christmas music. I know, this is NOT a November thing but everywhere you go you see Christmas and that music might be the best sound in the musical world.
  9. Orange and brown. These two colors are highly under-thought of.
  10. A fire.
  11. Knowing that some crazy family experience is just around the bend.


Andrea said...

I heart all those things, expect orange, I just really don't like orange. I turn 30 this year too, but I'm good until July! Happy November!!!!

Jordana Chisholm said...

This is seriously impressive. Can you come organize my house? :)