10 November 2010

Hump Day

Tucker has been doing marvelously with potty training. I finally had to give in and make him sit on the toilet every hour for three minutes. We've been able to scale that down to making him sit about thirty minutes after her eats, but so far so good. Tyson woke up at 3 am this morning because he had a bad dream. Poor thing was so scared. I think this was his first "real" bad dream. I let him crawl in bed with me (and Scout)...not such a great idea. I forgot how much he moves and shakes and kicks and flails about in his sleep. Then add Scout to the mix and this momma didn't get much sleep last night. My mom and I organized two more drawers last night! Woo hoo. It just makes me smile. Stuart is coming home tonight-another thing to make me smile! Oh, and don't forget to thank you favorite veteran tomorrow.