15 November 2010


No, this is not come code for something bizarre. It's stand for Tyson, Tucker, Ciera, Chase and Cassi.
The three C's belong to April (and the two T's to me). April and I have been friends for, wow, hmm, a REALLY  long time. I can remember doing Kid's Praise at church with April and maybe Bible Bowl? Goodness. Suffice it so say, April and I have been friends for years. Lots of them.

Shortly after I got pregnancy with Tyson, April called telling me that she was pregnant too. Woo hoo! It was so fun to think of having kiddos at the same(ish) time. Tyson was born in mid September and a mere two weeks later, Ciera was born. {I know there's a picture of April and I from her baby shower with our preggo bellies, but I can't find it}

The first T and C
{January 2008}

Low and behold, when I found out that I was pregnant again, April called me a few months later saying that she was pregnant again too!

Tucker was born February 1 and Chase was born April 2.
And now enter the 2nd T and C.
{June 2007}

A few months later, they were a bit happier to snap a photo!
{September 2007}

Now Stuart and I decided that was going to be it for the T Doss children, but April decided to add to her C's and Cassi was born!
{November 2008}

Now, five years later we have TTCCC. :)
And no, there will not be a TTTCCC.
{October 2010}