21 May 2011

Mustang Island

Last weekend, we loaded up and leaded to Padre Island..and then to Mustang Island for our 1st EVER family "vacation." I know. It's really hard for me wrap my head around the thought that we have never ventured anywhere as a family but that problem was quickly remedied by camping in a tent and eating s'mores and playing at the beach.

Here we are on arrival.

The load.

Me and my SIL M.

The boys and 1/3 of their cousins. :)

Our homes. And a knock-out sunset.

Tucker really had a hard time even keeping his shorts on. What can I say? The boys loves to be unclothed.


 Stuart and our BIL J clearing a path. 

 And flying kites.

The girl cousins began making their own site.

 Beyond happy.

Tucker post stitches. He really is pathetic isn't he? 
{Tucker slipped on some rocks and had to get 2 stitches in his left foot. It just so happens that our BIL J is also their pediatrician. And it just so happened that he was carrying a portable operating room in a bag and was able to "fix his foot" in a jiffy.}

Tyson ever so content to play in the sand.

Cousin photo op at the yacht club.

More kite flying before we had to say goodbye. Oh and the guy in the grey shirt is NOT Stuart. It's his almost identical twin, but 4 years older brother. Also known as Grandpa by Tucker.

The end.


Tina said...

Yea for making memories, yea for family, yea for cousins...yea for a very special time! Sweet pics of the cousins!!