02 May 2011


Please say a prayer for my cousin, Justin this morning. He's in the ICU in Amarillo due to an MRSA infection in his spine. The infection destroyed his T5 vertebrae and is now attacking his T4. He's in a lot of pain and surgery is scheduled for today.

In other news, Tucker now has a double pink eye infection on top of allergies. His poor little eyes are so matted and he spent a good portion of last night crying because it hurt so bad.

AND Stuart woke up this morning to find his driver's side window smashed and (drum roll please.....)
HIS WALLET WAS STOLEN! The kindly perpetrators used our debit card all over San Antonio until about 4:30 this morning. So I got to wake up to Stuart asking me if I knew if his wallet was inside of not and then his conversation with the bank. Good times! A police report has been filed and thank goodness our neighbor has a security camera mounted on the outside of his house. Hopefully we are able to get a license plate number of something off of that. (He's still not home and I am so anxious to find anything out on the tape).


Andrea said...

Oh good grief! I'm so sorry about the robbery, that sucks! Also, MRSA is rough, it made it's rounds here, but thankfully wasn't nearly so bad. Was you cousin in the hospital before the MRSA?