03 May 2011

SO here's what I have learned

  1. My cousin's surgery went well! Praise God! He's still in ICU recovering and prayers are still very much coveted but at least surgery is over.
  2. We were not the only people "hit" on our street Sunday night. 3 other houses had their vehicles broken into. One house at the very beginning of the street had their truck window smashed out like ours and the owners lunch box stolen (a lunch box? really?), our diagonal cul-de-sac neighbor had their daughter's Leapster stolen but the mean guys were able to get in without smashing anything, and our across-the-cul-de-sac neighbor had $63 stolen from his truck which was unlocked. All of us have filed police reports and our next-door neighbor is still looking at his surveillance system to see if he can recover any information.
  3. I really, really, really don't like the feeling over being invaded. Or the thought that these people were hanging out in my driveway, looking in our cars. It's just violating.
  4. There is a bit of relief knowing that we weren't targeted and there is "safety" in numbers. That and the more evidence we have against these morons, the better chance we have of justice if we catch them.
  5. Stuart, not wanting my van to be "vulnerable," moved things around in the garage so that I can now park in the garage. Hooray!
  6. Oh, and the Chevrolet dealership wants to charge you $350 for a new side window, with an additional $125 if the gasket also needs to be replaced ("which it normally does"). And they can come and repair all this at your house for the low cost of $150! (and NO, we did NOT go this route)


Jessica said...

My hubby would have gone out and purchased another "home protection device" if this had happened to us. At least that's what he did last time one of our cars got broken in to. Glad you guys are OK. LOVE YOU!